Bread in a tupperware seems bad and wrong I’m afraid. Seems like it would get sweaty

Sweaty baps in the Tupperware box

It’s why I don’t do up the lid

Both of these reasons are why we went with a bread bag. And let me tell you blimeycharlie, we’ve never looked back

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Having just made myself beanzon. I squeeze the air out, spin the bag round, use the date sticker, then store it upside down back in the pantry.

Is a bread bag just, a bag, or is it a specific thing? Do you hang them up?

I spin the bag then put the end kind of under the bread

It’s like this
has a plasticy lining so it doesn’t dry the bread out. And then a drawstring thing so it can be hung up or whatever. Cause we get quite a lot of our bread from the bakery or homebaked, it’s definitely the best BREAD MAINTENANCE method we’ve used

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