BREAD THREAD: Fave form of bread


I’m recently getting into flat breads. I like 'em. Probably not my favourite but they’d be up there.

Rank them.

  1. Sourdough Loaf
  2. Flatbread
  3. Naan
  4. Taste the difference seeded fresh loaf
  5. Pita

Recent mistakes

If it’s not in tear ‘n’ share form then it isn’t bread.


I’m sorry…what.


White Crusty
Brown Seeded



Pita is a flatbread.

  1. Pan de Cea
  2. Granary
  3. Baguette
  4. Tortilla
  5. Naan


But is it?




Depends. E.g.

Naan from a regular supermarket = pretty rank.
Naan from an Indian supermarket = pretty decent
Naan from the naan bakery on Blackstock Road = pretty amazing


Tear ‘n’ share is the only bread that matters.


This is an insanely bold claim.


I don’t really know tbh. Different breads for different needs.


All the breads are good, except Tiger loaf, which is shit.


But one you can put stuff in and you can’t put stuff in the other one
No pocket.


Always bemuses me how a business can get by just selling naans


rank. like the only other dutch food export (edam)


Indiana jones throws someone out of a zeppelin


everyone hurriedly shows him their flatbreads


Hey profk, what’s the only cheese that’s made backwards???

A: eseehc


my bread rankings are thus:

  1. all of the breads that don’t have seeds and such tat in them
  2. no bread
  3. bread with seeds and tat in them


I love my naan