Breadcrumb Trail

This was great. And now Spiderland is somehow even better in my mind.

Mostly interested in this though:

Barry getting special mentions in docs?


It’s a great doc

I assume cause atp played a big role in their reunion / resurgence and tha


yeah I never rated slint before the documentary, just thought there were other acts that had done their thing better, but something about seeing them as a bunch of weird high school kids playing that music in their parents basements made me appreciate them all.

always found it weird that bit the end where its like oh yeah britt was also playing drums fro the breeders, rest of the doc seems like they are languishing away in obscurity but breeders would have been a major international touring act

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He was the first person in 13yrs to bring them back together in 2005 (in preparation for the Slint ATP)

& before it all went to shit, Barry and ATP were clearly v important to the ‘alternative’ music industry (for want of a better phrase)


its weird how loyal some bands were to barry even after the full extent of the issues came out, like godspeed


… And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Bread


Also a few interviews seem to take place at atp during the film. Such a good movie- I remember seeing a rough cut at atp maybe a year before it opened too.

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A lot more poo chat in it than I expected