did that customer appear to be a small monkey in a jacket?

Is contra one of those channels that talks about e.g. Hollywood films from a left wing perspective ? i like dumb stuff like that that makes me feel clever

I like Contra…but her sense of humour is the one thing I find I don’t always “get”

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Find contrapoints really informative and funny, really like her a lot. Tbh it’s probably the only thing I really watch/read about left wing politics (other than this board and the echo chamber that is my Facebook feed).

Okay I’ve not seen that

Hbomberguy won’t top this, tbf


Clem seems ok on Twitter

Anybody (such @JaguarPirate) seen ContraPoints’ video response to the controversy last year? Its just a 100 minute ramble, but I still found it compelling. For the record, I also thought she makes an argument that aligns with my own perspective on cancelling, and it’s nice when you feel that kind of validation


Aye this is pretty great.

When I was younger I was a lot quicker to post online about hating someone for doing something I thought was shitty. Now I realise that doing that was my way of trying to fit in, and, partially out of fear that if I wasn’t seen to be saying a certain thing, that I would seem to not care about that issue generally.

It’s very upsetting to see the left eat itself. Harassment in any form is not conducive to progressive politics.

Especially when a lot of these people harassing Contrapoints are doubling down. A lot of them are lacking empathy, have wild assumptions/interpretations, and seem to be doing this from a place of insecurity rather than wanting to encourage better behaviour in others. Some of them have tried to work out how much Contrapoints gets through patreon, as though, if someone earns a certain amount it’s okay to throw vitriol their way and treat them like less of a person :woman_shrugging:

Stranger still is the way that the rest of the lefty-youtubers have been pressured into cancelling Contrapoints as well. Forcing cis people to publicly cancel their trans friend is not a good look.

The people I know who have been in situations similar to cancelling (thinking of one person who had like 40,000+ tumblr followers) make it out to be a uniquely shitty experience. I think all the cancellers would genuinely think twice about it if they had been on the receiving end… which some of them are now in Contrapoints’ case. People are kicking off because she included tweets from harasses in her video, and even though she blanked their names, some people are finding them online and harassing them in retaliation, which is being used to cancel Contrapoints a second time. What a mess.

Been following this loads the past couple of days. It’s fascinating in terrible ways.


Yeah, I think the whole thing (but particularly this latest video) has really highlighted how counterproductive Twitter is when facilitating this kind of debate. I personally find it impossible to work out the truth in a scandal or spat just from tweets, and distinguishing between exaggeration and accurate facts is just as hard…which is part of the reason I respond so much better to video essays. It’d be a hard task but if there are people who, in good faith, still question the morality and motives of CP and could condense THAT into a video…then I’d watch it.

Although I’m probably overstepping the mark by trying to speak to certain marginalised groups…but I do genuinely think they need to stop expecting flawless records from influencers and be more forgiving of mistakes. The points made about how “net good” surely mitigates the missteps are correct; I think it’s undeniable that CP’s videos have helped make the world a little less hostile to LGBTQ+ people, and that should count for something.


New Contra video is nearly 2 hours long

That’s too long maaaaan. Loved her stuff but the longer the vids get the less I engage, I’m well into long form YT video essays but I really can’t handle much than 30-40 mins per topic

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@moderators think this should be in news & politics

Not entertainment? Should move though for sure

Just watch it in bits, it’s actually separated into about 5 sections/chapters anyway, she should probably put timestamps of when they happen in the description.

Also that most recent one is possibly the best thing she’s ever done, that hour 50 or whatever flew by.

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Also tbf I do zone out and just get jealous (or indeed, envious) of how good her outfits are.


I think one of the reasons they do this is the Youtube algorithm is much more likely to favour longer videos. Why I’m not sure but there’s probably some horrible logic to it.

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It’s two fucking incredible hours you philistine!

I do get that two hours is daunting tho, and for p much anybody else a one hour YouTube video, never mind two, is proper fuck that territory. For some reason I can never find two hours out if my week to watch any of the film’s in my Netflix queue, but I repeat watch the ultralong Contrapoints videos all the time. Can’t wait for her next one a year from now lol

Our sweet boi Shaun has uploaded two new videos this week. They’re quite short and going after incredibly low hanging fruit, but the guys voice is so unbelievably soothing, and he’s always so entertaining, so I’m happy they’re there.

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Something I wish he’d talked about more is that Wakefield more or less had to be invented. That law firm went through every doctor in the country until they found one that was enough of a scumsucking lowlife to front their scam. And he got his thirty pieces of silver for doing it. It’s an example of how the system we live in necessarily promotes people who think the most cynically about how to create profit.

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Think about Shaun’s videos is I always think “this is really interesting but can I actually watch this entire video, it’s not like it’s visually mega engaging - maybe I can just listen to it later…” and then I realise I’ve watched and really appreciated the whole thing

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I’m of the specific age and online-i-ness where I’m aware of the name Homestuck and that it’s some massive thing, but I didn’t know much specifically beyond that it has some link to Undertale (which I do love). Sarah’s video kind of bummed me out on it cause I’d imagined Homestuck would’ve been way more interesting than it really was

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