20 mins into this and really enjoying it, not least because it reminded me of this fucking kid

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And of course, the True Version

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Beans from Even Stevens! :grinning:

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Really moving ending to that Defunctland video, as someone who works currently on a lot of anonymous video stuff - there’s something about hearing older people sharing really sincere memories of working and putting their energy on these ubiquitous sort of random largely forgotten things

a vision of my own future

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I’ve got to the bit where he brings up “That’s The Impression I Get” by The Mighty Mighty Bosstones, a song and band I have only ever heard of as a meme on here…

And because I got linked to the video from here, I got freaked out and started wondering if I was living in a simulation.


I’m strangely desperate to see Tommy Tallarico’s response. He’s surely going to do or say something?

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Tommy Tallarico is a really wonderful name.


She is low-key one of the best channels on YouTube, and it’s time High School Musical got some damn respect on its name. Even if you’ve not seen the films or don’t like them or whatever, this is a good watch on the culture they came out into and their themes and why they were successful and important films :v:

(Also I don’t know even a little bit what breadtube means but FD Signifier always going “that’s not breadtube” or “it’s breadtube adjacent” so it must mean something. But I’m taking it to mean scripted deep dives into a topic)