Breakfast At Work


This has been a major gripe of mine for years now: people who come into work early and noisily eat a bowl of cereal at their desk. Maybe I’m just a bit prickly in the morning, but nothing seems to annoy me more than twenty or thirty instalments of this…

  1. Noisily pick up bowl
  2. Clack away with a spoon
  3. Crunch crunch crunch crunch
  4. Put down bowl
  5. Repeat 10 seconds later.

As I write this, one person is clacking away at the remnants of a bowl and another is scrunching up the bag of their cereal box and heading towards the fridge.


Hanging offence at any time of the day and in any setting, imo.


Yeah, bang on.

Noisy eaters at desks at any time of day, even worse if they’re eating some sort of stinking shite from McDonalds or chips with vinegar from the canteen.


I don’t do this but would like to do this and have no problem with this.


I wouldn’t mind if they ate it in one go and quietly. Would be much better if they ate it at home :slight_smile:


I used to eat porridge at my desk all the time. I never got up early enough for breakfast at home.


Colleague next to me is on a diet to bulk up. This means eating coleslaw, boiled eggs and chicken fillets continuously. Starting at 8am.


Person who sits opposite me gets in and most mornings will then crack open a massive bag of crisps and get stuck in for half an hour or so. I mean I’m very much live and let live but this behaviour doesn’t sit right with me.


Truman Capote’s early draft still needed some work.


Urghhhhh used to have a colleague like this but he’d drain the juice off tins of tuna into the bin every two hours :nauseated_face:


It’s the total lack of awareness and consideration that makes me seethe.


Nice to get a comment from the Tory party.


Ah, but if he worked at Tiffany’s?


Breakfast is generally not a smelly foodstuff so it’s absolutely fine. Obviously loud eaters are awful but that’s not meal or location specific


Enjoy your crispies


Lad at work used to drain his fishy juice into the bins. He was asked to leave.


I’ve just eaten eggs at my desk.


That’s fine. My irrational hatred is reserved for cereal-eaters.


Overnight oats


I’m fine with this and accept that people can occasionally eat food a bit more enthusiastically and noisily than I would preferably like. Unless they’re genuinely being revolting about it.

There was a woman at my previous workplace who made really over the top “OM NOM NOM” sounds unconsciously whenever she ate crisps and it routinely brightened my day.