Breakfast Dealbreakers

Sourdough toast and shit knife combo is the fucking worst!

Also when they leave off or don’t supply butter - go and get fucked!

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Mushrooms, dont get it, dont want it

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Like me a mushroom, but they have to be fried and not those watery boiled abominations.


not last time, the time before last that i went to koffee pot for breakfsat and ordered the full welsh breakfast for a change. big mistake, too many slimy components. me, i like a slimy component or two :smirk: but the cockles pushed me over the edge. full scottish breakfast is their best. cant remember what the irish one is and the english just isnt trying hard enough is it really

I don’t especially like its texture and more often than not it’s at least a bit burnt, but by far the worst thing about it is its ubiquity.

Someone on here always writes angry things about ubiquitous sourdough options and I thought it was you…

Might well be, find that people on here can keep track of my beeves better than I can sometimes.

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wrong wrong wrong

It’s eggs.

A non-runny fried egg is a make or breaker. I want to dip shit in my egg.

Of course every other element also needs to be cooked absolutely perfectly, which is also a dealbreaker.

This is some very passive negotiation you’re doing Mistersteve - don’t let them walk all over you!

What you do with your beans is your own business, but tomatoes have every right to be part of a cooked breakfast


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When it comes to a fry up tomatoes and beans can go and take a flying fuck to themselves.

Baked beans can piss off completely, from anything.

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Take your disgusting opinions elsewhere. There might be children reading this you know.


Cheap sausages like the shitty ones you get with a wetherspoons breakfast. 90% rusk and 10% arsehole.

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I stand by my comment.

Horrible things! (kids, as well as baked beans)


It’s a great opinion, and one you can have all to yourself!

I’m happy to have it all to myself. The more other people eat baked beans then the less chance they’ll end up on my plate.

99.9% of fry ups have poor quality sausages in them

always replace with extra hash browns


Really want a full English now. Like, badly.