Breakfast for dinner

Just one of life’s simplest and most wholesome pleasures. Nothing quite like it. I’m not talking about you bizarre people who have a bowl of cereal in the evening, I mean a full-on breakfast, be it pancakes, fry up or eggs benedict, as your evening meal. Wouldn’t do it all the time as it would lost the novelty value and feel less special, but as a culinary treat it’s pretty unrivalled imo. Got plans for a big ol’ fry-up on Sunday night and I’m rather excited about it.

Breakfast for dinner:

  • Big fan
  • It’s ok, don’t mind it now and again
  • Not really for me but I’m not against the idea in principle
  • Fucking horrendous concept

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You do you, buddy(s) but if I’m putting Eggs Benedict levels of work into dinner then I’d definitely do something more…“eveningy”.

That said, if I popped around yours one evening and you happened to have some egg ben’s or a fryup on the go then of course I’d grab a plate.

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I’ll level with you, I’ve never made eggs benedict, if I’m doing breakfast I’m going full fry up or nothing.


Had brinner last night - sausage, bacon, egg, mushrooms, beans, tomato and to differentiate between breakfast and dinner some chips



Go through phases of having it about 4 nights in a row then forget the sublime beauty of it for a few months.

Absolute smash hit meal.

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so satisfying when you have some misery dinner you aren’t looking forward to and then decide to sack it off for BFD at the last minute. was gonna do it last night but found my bread was off, ffs. so will do tonight:

scrambled egg, avocado, 3 x richmond meat free sozzers, absolutely drowning in cholula. and toast obv.

Yeah I’ve done it a few times and the faff:benefit ratio is way off the reasonability benchmark. Has to be in a hotel or restaurant for me. Shame as it’s god tier breakfast IMO.

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Yeah the chips are a great addition actually. Good for dunking in the egg, beans and brown sauce.

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For posterity, i usually have (in priority order)

Grilled tomatoes :heart:
Hash brown
Veggie sausage

Will sub beans for avocado sometimes. There’s always too much sausage and never enough tomatoes for my liking.

Avocado and chestnut mushrooms on toast with loads of rosemary is my second favourite BFD (maybe BFD adjacent?) and it tastes like eating a forest.


3x bacon
3x sausage
1x fried egg
either hash browns/chips/saute potatoes

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Fully agree with this. You can have chips with brinner but not chips with fry up imo


This seems like a good place to note for the record that halloumi is an excellent addition to a cooked breakfast at any time of the day.


Sometimes (and that’s a very strict sometimes), depending on location, chips with an all-day brunch at a cafe is nice.

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Chips with everything!


I trust your judgement

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Absolutely no.


love it. I feel it address the balance in the all-day part of an all-day breakfast - morning and lunch times are quite well represented but evening time less so.

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That will ultimately be what kills you I’m afraid.

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@avery has this notion about not having chips with a breakfast fry up, he believes they should only feature on dinner/tea/supper fry ups.

  • You can have chips on a breakfast fry up if you like
  • Chips on a breakfast fry up are inappropriate

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Recently my local caff was out of hash browns and served the fry up with chips instead. Not pleased.

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