Breakfast, Lunch AND Dinner thread 😮 🌯


Pls tell me what you had for breakfast, what you’ll be having for lunch and what you think you might have for dinner.

Brekko: cheese and beans on toast, coffee
Lunch: egg mayo roll, banana
Dinner: feels like a tofu stirfry night tbh


What's for dinner? Banal

Brekko: extra sleep
Lunch: may go to the food truck they’ve got on site in our office but the hilariously wacky name for said truck is ‘I Wanna Pull’ :confused:
Dinner: after mentioning it in last night’s evening thread, I’m gonna make a puttanesca


Dunno yet
Dunno yet


B - Granola/Strawberries/Blueberries/Skyr. Orange Juice, Black Coffee
L - Egg Mayo Roll, Grapes, Peanut M&Ms (treat bag), Diet Coke
D - Dunno


B: Weetos
L: lentil soup and a cob
D: Might make a warm chick pea and feta salad


Breakfast: greek yogurt, protein granola and blueberries (cup of tea)

[snack: cherries, a small piece of shortbread, iced coffee, another tea, water]

Lunch: either Post Office Special (mixed veg curries) or salad from work

[snack: more cherries, banana, tea and water]

Dinner: this pizza:


Breakfast - Strawberry yoghurt with blackberries and strawberries, two cups of earl grey tea and a cup of english breakfast.

Lunch - A boring as fuck ham sandwich made with stale bread and one of those beautiful minty chocolatey bastards, more tea and some grapes.

Dinner - No idea yet!


That’s a very Avant Garde sandwich choice.


B: peanut butter toast
L: sandwich of some sort
D: haven’t decided, need to buy


Haha, I was waiting for it. You didn’t disappoint.


Oh shit I’ve to feed myself tonight.

In that case I should probably have a diet water for lunch so I can have an absurd takeaway tonight.


I’d Mr Bean you here but I tried this morning and it went a bit wrong.


You having that pizza to yourself, or is Mr Niki getting half?



to myself

Mr Niki has his own :stuck_out_tongue:




Excellent work.


Breakfast: Weetabix and a chocolate crossaint
Lunch: Looking like a burrito
Dinner: Might go for a Chinese takeaway so some kind of chow mein


I do apologise.