Breakfast panties

Because that’s what I keep reading it as anyway.

While we’re here: “panties” is an awful, awful word, isn’t it? But then “pants” is a wee bit comical, doesn’t quite work in a sexy context.

Probably best to stick to “grundies” in all contexts, imo.

Also: breakfast pantos.


Having a good morning?


Bit hungry


i was on a boat in cambodia once, a very small taxi boat and the motor got stuck on some underwater vine things - we were in the middle of a massive mouth to the river so no land close by. A german we with jumped into the muck very heroically and untangled. I was very impressed an may have even swooned a little bit. He clambered back onto the boat and announced,

oh no, my panties are all wet!

I was no longer swooning


Pants is fine imo. Obviously not panties. I make a point of using pants for underwear to irk my mum who is apants meaning trousers stan.

And the only time knickers has been good is when billy connolly says it.

a comedian at EOTR did a bit about edible knickers and at the weekend. it was fine as a bit but nobody really talks about edible knickers anymore so felt a little quaint.

edible pants eh?

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Very much hearing this in his voice.


Sign in the kitchen / break area at work says “please keep pantries clean” and it always triggers a grimace.


and Cerys!

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My mum once used the word panties to talk about my (then 4 year old) daughter’s underwear and it was so wrong I involuntarily shouted NO when I heard her do it

Really associate the word panties with Nick Cave as well

I hate the way Americans make them singular and now wee Tan speaks like that on Queer Eye. “This will go great with a casual pant” or “try this with a jean”


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I’m your mum.theyre called underpants cause they go under your pants (trousers)

Nobody marckee this

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frank ocean saying panties in pyramids ruins the song for a second every time

Hmm, maybe i’ll starting calling them undertrousers then.

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I am wolfcastle


Or start calling your trousers ‘overpants’

Underpants, overpants, dangling free