Breakfast Thread



High hopes for this thread

What do you normally have (do you even breakfast at all?)? In an ideal world, what would your perfect breakfast be? Is it really the most important meal?

I’ve started to make a real effort to have it each day…even if currently that means 5/7 days it’s crunchy nut cornflakes (semi-skimmed milk). Toast on occasion, but usually with either just butter or butter/marmite…because I think jam/marmalade/nutella makes it feel like a pudding. I’m bringing eggs into the mix gradually though…unfortunately time constraints mean they’re usually fried, which is a bit disappointing because:

Poached > Soft Boiled > Scrambled > Omelette > Fried > Hard Boiled

As for ideal breakfasts, I think a “full english” is a bit overkill…with good individual elements that don’t all need to be there. It would depend on mood…sometimes could be a good Eggs Benedict…or perhaps a Bacon roll or Salmon/cream cheese bagel.


It’s 12:14pm


usually have porridge

baked eggs would probably be the ideal but no way am i doing that every morning


This is a thread for all breakfasts, not just today’s breakfast


The absolute last thing I want to do when I wake up is consume food.
My wife immediately wants breakfast on waking up and it kind of grosses me out/makes me want to puke seeing people eat at 7am…so…coffee and a cig


The thing about me is I love breakfast but I hate eggs.


2 sausages oven cooked plus 2 eggs fried (in fry light). Only thing that really keeps me full till lunch - porridge doesn’t cut it. Ideal breakfast would include hash browns, potato scones and mountains of buttered toast.


I’m with you on porridge…I’ve heard the argument about complex carbohydrates taking more time to be broken down into simpler sugars…therefore releasing energy slower…keeping you full for longer…but every time I have it I’m ready for lunch at 10 a.m.


Breakfast is for wimps.


On a rotation of:

  • peanut butter bagel/toast
  • cereal
  • eggs n toast
  • weekend: fried egg and cheese bagel

Coffee: always. Smoothie: optional depending on cba levels.


During the week:
5 weetabix with 2/3 pint of sweetened soymilk
Glass of fruit juice

Sometimes have pancakes or french toast with fruit, natural yoghurt and maple syrup.


I normally have yogurt with some fruit and crunchy granola at work. Occasionally toast. Bucket of coffee.

Having breakfast every day after not having done it for ages has had a noticeably positive effect on my mood.


Really like toast with a bit of sunflower butter or peanut butter, just something dry to kill the hunger. Cereal is ok too


I only discovered that french toast was eggy bread this year.


I’m never hungry until I get to work, at which point I’m starving. Really need to stash some breakfast type stuff in the office but the fridge in the kitchen is a lawless no mans land so it can’t involve milk or butter, which limits my options somewhat.


My nan called it gypsy toast.



Usually eat at work so it’s a bowl of cereal or a couple of slices of toast.

Weekend, just depends how much I want to treat myself. If I’m riding the bike then porridge and some scrambled eggs. If I’m treating myself then toast with bacon or sausage and black pudding and brown sauce. Sometimes get some bagels and do smoked salmon and cream cheese. Another favourite is sliced chorizo with black pudding and goats cheese. Orange juice, black coffee…

fuck lads, I’m hungry.