Do you eat breakfast?
If so, what do you eat? Is it different at weekends v weekdays?
Any ‘unusual’ breakfast favourites?
If you eat brekkie at work, what do you have?

Chat allowed: I am a fair man.

during the week no, at the weekend yes.


I enjoy breakfast, I need a reason to get up in the mornings and it usually provides that reason.

Breakfast is for wimps

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If I eat at work it’s porridge (with raisins and cinnamon) or Belvita biscuits. At home it’s sausages and eggs.

Just had a coconut and chocolate filled croissant.

**Most important meal of the day

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Is the porridge one of those ‘ready meal’ pots? Or do you make it from scratch?

  • Yes

  • Varies: granola; peanut butter toast; other stuff. Tend to have croissants/pain au chocolat/English muffins on either Saturday or sunday as a treat

  • Not really: unusual BRUNCHES? Well that’s a whole different story. However, my son is currently having cereal combo bowls: he had a mash-up of frosted shreddies; rice crispies; coco pops; weird moana cereal and weetos this morning…

  • No

Am I hell going to make it from scratch. Oats so simple sachets for me.

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either porridge or Bircher porridge when it’s hot

or eggs and toast. Don’t vary hugely at the weekend, but might do pancakes or something if the kids are around

always have it with juice and coffee

Mix it up between bran flakes, weetabix and porridge. At weekends/WFH days it will be accompanied by proper coffee.

porridge usually (pin head / steel cut with a banana in it)

but today i had granola and yoghurt

bircher porridge recipe please and thank you

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See, I get to my desk about 8am and have a banana and a cup of beetroot juice, followed by a pot of coffee. Thinking I should up my work-day breakfast game

Had cocopops today because I’m a man baby

Skyr/Supermarket Granola/Blueberries/Strawberries or
Bagels with Peanut Butter or
Quaker instant oats pot
Coffee (Black)

Always, I feel sick if I don’t eat first thing in the morning unless I’ve had a blowout dinner the night before and I’m still full.

Weekdays: Weetos/Bran Flakes/sometimes toast or something like crumpets for a treat

Weekends: something involving eggs

This the same as overnight oats?

I’m a bit erratic with breakfast as like lunch and dinner, I don’t wanna eat the same thing every day.

Monday to Friday if i’'m having brek at home (usually on a non gym morning)
I’ll either have chocolate granola (this week I made my own!!) with almond milk
or toast with vegan butter, one slice jam and one slice marmite

if I’m having brek at work (usually a gym morning or a friday/treat)
i’ll have porridge from Leon with cashew milk, almond butter and berry compote (I have to ask for extra butter and compote and get charged an extra like 70p!! but i dont think they put enough in)
or i’ll get peanut butter bagel from pod