BREAKING NEWS: The Queen is unwell


and will not be attending the christmas service


slight cold, hold front page


sources inside buckingham palace have reported that the queen may have a slight sniffle


One had one too many last night


Slight case of the epimers


Too busy waiting for one of the mods to verify her @lizzywindsor account so she can start posting about the new RTJ.


one step closer to being king
:crown: :pray: :santa:


and it’s so lonely on a limb


Unwell excited about going to Itchy and Scratchy land!






we’ve had that one, mate


Do English people actually like the Queen?


Never met her


I have, and stupidly told her that she looks just like my nan (she does).

Got a cracking story about Philip, I’ll post it one day. Depends if GCHQ are reading.


It’s Christmas Day, mate - they’ll be shut. Go for it.


Hope she makes a full recovery


Can’t believe i fluffed this after all those horrific misunderstanding the Simpsons threads


I actually won’t be able to watch tv for months after she dies and the next one is made king. Fucking nightmare


Probably been laying on a slab for days or even weeks, but they’re waiting for a favourable window in the obit schedule.