Breaking the law: Public Transport Edition


I can’t believe this has happened. I was rushing for the train, and I didn’t touch my GoCard (Oyster equivalent) before getting on the train. My train goes RIGHT through the centre of the city. I am at great risk. This is the last direct train though. Thete are no barriers at my home station. in theory I could be fine. I should pretend to be German and not speak English. This is like the new series of 24.

Tell me about times you have used public transport without paying or your general opinions thereof.


I thought everyone just drove utes?


Didn’t pay for a tram the whole time I was in Gothenburg



Yes. Other than the foreigns (me). Pretty sure the ticket busters drive utes on the train at Fortitude Valley.


Week long flexi pass? Unless this technology has made it to Brisbane though I’m stuffed!


How was the trip?

(You reply “tramendous!”)


That sounds so ridiculously dated now. Amazing how the pace of technology has changed everything. Amazing.


Did you have a City Card for all the museums?


Back when I used to commute from Reading to London everyday I used to get the Waterloo train cos it was cheaper and I could walk to work once I got there. However this meant that my ticket wasn’t valid on peak time trains returning from Paddington, but yep, I used it several times anyway and remember hiding in the loos when the ticket inspector came around.


It was my stag do pal, we rolled in and out of Way out West and maybe saw the Poseidon statue.

It was



I nearly got busted doing something similar when I was a teenager. The inspector banged on the toilet doors and I shouted “I’M HAVING A POO” and he went away. Don’t know what he thought was gonna happen really.


Woah, they should market it as a time travelling experience!


Made it!

Now to work out what I’m gonna do with all this extra money!!!


sometimes hop the train home to my parents if I cant be arsed with paying 35 quid. no barriers either end, so pretty easy. just got to keep an eye out for the guards.



This is a long story but definitely worth it:

I have a London Terminals Tickets as it is cheaper and if you know your way around London easily workable. Due to on going engineering work you can use these tickets on certain tube journeys. However if I need to travel on the tube several stops further than the covered route I am not going to tap my contact-less and pay for the whole journey as the majority of it is covered, also buying a ticket for the part of the journey not covered is not always possible due to zone restrictions.
So I just use my London terminal ticket and show it to them at the gate most times they let me through without me having to explain.




On the tube I believe you can only extend your ticket by zones or buy tickets for zones rather than stops


Correct. That doesn’t mean you’re being overcharged.

If you have a ticket from A to B and you want to go from A to C via B then the fare you owe is the fare from B to C, not the difference between the first two. Anything else is just fare evasion.


But they don’t do a ticket from just B to C so if I bought a ticket for the zone that covered that area I would also effectively double paying for part of the journey. Your not a deep undercover mole for one of train companies are you ?