Breaking up clean/low drive pedals.

Going to try this here not Gear Wanker cos experiment!

Being An Old Man, I now find myself obsessed with mild overdrive, low crunch, breaking up clean sounds.

My three pedals of the week for this are ehx Crayon, eqd Speaker Cranker and JHS Charlie Brown.

What else is amazing?

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I have to say, it isn’t exciting in any way shape or form, but I like the Boss Super Overdrive.

I’ve had plenty of boutique pedals that I don’t like or use as much.

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Also got time for the visual sounds jeckyll and hyde pedal. Which did light overdrive nicely and you can also crank it.

I had an original handmade zvex fuzz factory which was incredibly versatile in the sounds you could get, if you put the time in, so it could do a light overdrive which broke up nicely and lots of other things. Personally i found it very finicky to use in real life and couldn’t use it live at all.

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I really like the Marshall Bluebreaker (both the original and a £20 micro pedal clone - which incidentally sounds identical) for this kind of stuff


Not been playing much recently, but I’ve currently got the last gain box I built plugged in, which is a Green Ringer > Dist+ (with Ge diodes) > I/C Muff > Red Llama. If you ignore the Ringer and the Muff, and dial back on the other two pedals, there are some nice break ups to be had.

Never got round to testing it at volume, but I’ve a feeling the Demo Tape Fuzz clone I put together a few years ago also had a really nice low dying crunch to the sustain.


Raygun FX Soda Drive+ is pretty nifty, he’s a local builder to me. I’ve tried one and it goes from crunch all the way to distortion with a 3 way toggle switch for a variety of clippings.
Most of my drive is either fuzz based, Fredric Effects Demon Fuzz & DBA Soundwave Breakdown, or from my Orange CR60 dirty channel set just under halfway. Also got a DBA Reverberation Machine which has a really cool gain setting, could easily use it with the reverb turned down and the ‘altitude’ knob cranked up.


I recently bought a Mooer Black Secret. Is a clone of a Rat & Turbo Rat. Only bought because my Turbo Rat has been held together with gaffer tape for about 5 years. Does a surprisingly decent job and has a great low gain sound, also absolutely rages if required. Only about £35.


yes, these are great

Best ever drive pedal I’ve ever used/heard is a skreddy screwdriver mini deluxe. So warm but so sparkly! One of those pedals where demos don’t do it justice, it’s all in how you feel playing through it.

I use a Earthquaker devices pallisades and that’s a proper swiss army knife of a drive, kind of a jack of all trades but doesn’t have anything as satisfying as the skreddy or probably a similar boutique drive pedal.

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