Breakout advert stars


Remember when the bloke off the BT adverts became a big star in My Family? (I couldn’t care less about the chronology of this Marckee so don’t you dare even think about wading in here…) Think there might be some more examples of this as well, maybe whatsername from the Bev Kev ads perhaps?

Who of the current crop of advertising stars can you see making the switch to TV comedy and/or drama?

SCS lady for sure and I think maybe the Go Compare man as well?


In Marckee’s absence, can I wade in?




and me!


Wade in request


Thought this was going to be about Howard from the Halifax ads


Or the guy from the talktalk ‘let’s form a band’ adverts.


Eddie Argos?


giles from buffy in the nescafe advert


This is the second reference to Art Brut frontman Eddie Argos I’ve made on DiS today!


No, the one that brusma started that thread about on the old forums.


Didn’t the ginger one in the other BT adverts go on to do other stuff that wasn’t memorable?


The guy who performed as Waldo in the Black Mirror episode “The Waldo Moment” had his start on a BT Advert. Is that who you mean @chadders?


Is that the one who got run over while he was out on the piss?


That’s the one!



Rupert Grint?


Perfect answer, there.


Nicole Shirtslinger of yoghurt fame went on to form Pussy Riot.


These are my boys!