Breakup/Heartbreak songs


Surely somebody has thought to tackle this thorny issue in song form? I’m going through a breakup and want to wallow in it for a bit. What are the best songs to help me do this?

No Distance Left To Run came on on shuffle this morning, boy oh boy - that did the trick! More like that, please.


Sorry to hear about this :frowning:

I think this is a great break-up song:


And this one too. This version is particularly awkward as it was recorded after Stuart Murdoch and Isobel Campbell split up, and features a spoken-word riposte from Isobel:


Listened to this a lot during a break up a few years ago. These lines helped:

“Ride your bike all night and give your heart a break
And give your head a shove and fuck that
Subject love, you’ll get another chance someday”


Sorry to hear that man, ‘Guess I’m Doing Fine’ was always my go to


I have a lot of experience in this area.

Wrens - The Meadowlands

Obviously and rightly considered a classic of the breakup album genre. This feels seasonally appropriate too.
Standout: She Sends Kisses

Turnover - Peripheral Vision

Give this one a go. The reviews weren’t crazy but it really has something. Very mellow emo-inflected indie rock. Mainly it gets that strange lilting high of recent heartbreak. It flies by and is something a little more up tempo for this kind of thing.
Standout: Cutting My Fingers Off

Whiskeytown pneumonia

Ryan Adams’ last album with the group before going solo. Less country than their other work and although not strictly breakup throughout, it captures a sense of beautiful loneliness. The kind that makes you think maybe you can stick this thing out :slight_smile:
Standout: Jacksonville Skyline

And two loosies.

A lovely song by a young band about the confusion of this kind of thing.

I gasped in pain when I first heard this through to the end. A classic song about a doomed love affair.

Chin up x


This for when you’re for a more angry/ hard done by vibe


and a couple of tracks from Blood and Chocolate



If you want some cathartic fuck you kinda thing then check out Dylan’s Idiot wind, album version for fuck you, alternate New York version for something softer.
In fact just stick blood on the tracks on.


one for a wallow


Oh also really sorry to hear your going through a break up, they’re the fucking worst :frowning:
Onwards and upwards and all that :+1:


Cheers guys, I’ll have a blast through these tonight, don’t think I want to break the seal whilst I’m sat in the office.

It’s odd how a change in circumstances can suddenly see you finding relevance in loads of things. Confirmation bias, I suppose. I was listening to a comedy podcast yesterday and they had The National on. They played Guilty Party from the new album, and it was just so apt.

It’s probably worth pointing out that I’m the instigator in this situation, so I can’t exactly play the hard done by card. This is the one that has seemed most appropriate so far.


God, Beeswing is powerful stuff. Every verse has something great about it. If you’re under 40 its more like a prophesy.

On a connected note, try listening to these two back to back, over and over:


Basically all of The Twilight Sad’s last album, but especially this:

Just captures the melancholy pretty well I think. Even if you’re the one that’s brought about it’s still a very hard thing to go through.



the whole of “ladies and gentlemen…” by spiritualized


Great minds amigo :+1:


Poke by Frightened Rabbit. In fact, the whole of that album would do the trick.


Beck - Sea Change
From beginning to end, melodramatic morose heartbreak. Lonesome Tears is the one most people pick, but my fave is Little One:

“Go to sleep / We’re so tired now / Altogether in a snake pit of souls”


“Drown, drown / Sailors run aground / In a Sea Change nothing is safe
Strange waves / Push us every way / In a stolen boat we’ll float away”