Have we had a thread on this? It’s from the Sun originally, sorry about that, but still good for some incredulous lols.

“With my first child, I practiced a Breatharian pregnancy. Hunger was a foreign sensation to me, so I fully lived on light and ate nothing.” Pants on fire!


They’re lying


almost definitely making it up, but good to read they aren’t enforcing it on their kids either way.


No, they are definitely making it up. 9 months without eating during pregnancy? My absolute arse.



Someone on my fb liked and shared this. Always had them down as a white people yoga type but not like this… not like this…


White people yoga?


If they’re really going to live solely off the universe’s energy they should give up breathing as well.


she had a bit of fruit!


guys ‘universe’s energy’ is just a euphemism for food



hahaahaahahahaahahahhhaha no they didnt :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


I’ve been looking into this as it looks like a really sustainable way of living.

Thanks for posting.


sounds like something Kramer would do for an episode


‘vegetable broth’ = like 10 gallons of broth with a loaf of bread each.


Also ‘breatharians’ - fuck off, mate.


You sound embarrassed about being such a burden on the world. Don’t worry, not everyone can do this, friend.


I’ve just eaten a chocolate coated shortbread biscuit. Prolly just stand in the sun for a bit for lunch.