I walk about a mile and a half a day in central London as part of my commute. Should I get one of those breathing masks, do they have any benefit?

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you are now breathing manually

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Sometimes I do a really deep breathe. Like in the last few hours I’ve been slightly short-changing myself with shorter breaths and then suddenly I need to catch up. It’s a nice feeling IMO.

The air in London is so so horrible, puts me off visiting more often

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A mate of mine who cycles lots in London found out he had the carbon monoxide levels of a heavy smoker. Not to panic you but it’s maybe worth investigating how your lungs are currently holding up.

cripes that has panicked me a bit

Yeah sorry. I imagine cycling is much worse and he does a lot so I’m sure you won’t be nearly as bad. But yeah, pretty crazy that that could be the case.

They’ll only deal with particulates, right? It’s the NOx that’ll get you and they don’t help with that.

You’d imagine that cycilsts get it worse because they’re out there amongst the exhaust fumes. But research shows that people in cars and buses etc have it worse because they spend more time just sitting there in traffic.

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Just came in to post ^this research. Another source:

Although as Epimer says up ^there, this is particles based research…

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That link is focusing on relatively coarse particulates, but it’s the fine ones that are the bigger issue (and harder to filter out).

Lots of places in the UK worse tbh tbf…

More fine particle chat encouraged…

Yeah but londons the only place I’ve been where I feel like I’m chewing the atmosphere