Brewdog! The evil that walks and brews!


Please give Scotland independence so I may no longer be associated with them!

Have we got angry about brewdog recently?

Come Friendly Bombs
Nanny State

Ashley Coled into indignant silence?

I was trembling with anger. I couldn’t believe what I’d heard.


Same old shit, isn’t it.


What DiS? Of course.


That pub is bang out of line making a big deal about this.


I had a dead pony brewdog beer yesterday
4/10 at best


5am saint is well good



I don’t like the way they still crowed fund thier expansions. They are not a small gaming studio or a start up lacking money. They are a big multimillion pound beer firm with wide distribution.

When you are getting £25 million pounds of money with your ‘equity for punks’ scheme. With no promises to pay that back and no dividends for the foreseeable future it stinks.

Go to a bank and take out a loan like everyone else if you want to expend your overpriced bars to cities that don’t really need another overpriced craft bar.


I like everything about Elvis Juice apart from the terrible name.


Any BrewDog beers tastes like week old prawns that have been blended and filtered through a tramps sock.



Thanks for reminding me of my favourite sleeve


They’re launching a fifth round this year and diluting the value of previous stock. Also opening up to a 30% investment from someone else, whether private finance or another brewer, before a probable IPO.



Lawyers must get fed up of being used as scapegoats in this kind of scenario. Why does nobody consider the feelings of lawyers?


To be fair this case is just kinda normal. It’s just how defending copywrite law works. You can’t risk letting a precedent happen.

That said it does go a bit against there whole ‘outsider’ marketing schtick. Which is increasingly just becoming the ‘edgy’ equivalent to innocent smoothies


They don’t really mind.


isn’t the thing with copyrights that you sort of have to aggressively pursue any potential violation, or you risk EvenBiggerCorp coming along and claiming fair use?


Do you have the audacity to assume you can speak on behalf of all lawyers?


Assume?! ASSUME?!