Brewdog! The evil that walks and brews!

can’t imagine getting worked up about any beer tbh, from bud to carling to brewdog, all of them taste like witch piss.

let’s face it we only drink cos actual fun drugs are illegal.

I didn’t think you’d go through with this

some serious hot takes ITT

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so are they punk or post-punk?

“Draft Punk” would be one of the best puns EVER, fuck Brewdog


drinking a 5am saint right now. gotta fight the power anyway I can

they’re nu garage rock

Doesn’t even rhyme.

If they’d run with the dog theme rather than going all corporate punk on everything, everybody would have a soft spot for them. Dogs, everybody loves them. People who keep insisting they’re punk, nobody can stand them (especially when they’re a business and well expensive).


I’ve never understood why people go into those Brew Dog bars, when there’s usually a nice looking boozer serving cold lager next door. or even an offie with a good selection of polish lagers.

they aren’t even a ‘cool’ brand, and their beer tastes of sewage.


They get good guest beers in is my excuse


1, 2, 3, 4, who’s punk? What’s the score?


changing their name to ‘Boxcar’ would be quite a cool sly dig


and the chicken wings are really, really good

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Mr President is actually really nice, it transpires.

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Had their Paradox Rye at the weekend, cheeky 15%. Was actually excellent, much to my disappointment.

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So BrewDog have sold a 22% stake in the business to investment partners for £100m.

The investment group also have a share in US brewing company Pabst, as well as Vitamin Water. Makes the founders a lot of money though. Punk as Grint etc etc

Someone explain to me why this is a bad thing pls

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I don’t really know how to feel about this, as other than the crushing inevitability of their hypocrisy, well, it was crushingly inevitable and that was sort of why they annoyed me in the first place.

It depends what you consider bad.

There’s nothing unusual about a lot of rich people giving a business money as an investment for them to go and expand the business and make them even more money down the road.

The issue people have with this is that BrewDog have always branded themselves as “punks” who do things differently, value independence above all else, and care more about making a good product than trying to make insane money off it. This is another step in them showing that actually, their priority is to make a profitable business, and things like independence and quality product are secondary concerns.

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