Brewdog! The evil that walks and brews!

dog panties wat

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Oh I didn’t even see that. Was mostly very not-into the idea of a “woofin”, and also that they were made with “woof”? What’s that even meant to stand for?? You can’t use the same word to describe two different things, where’s the internal logic?!

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Like a muffin, made with … muff? I don’t even know where to start

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Well muff gets us to panties. So there’s that.

Absolutely no idea what’s going on here.

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But dog muff to woof is … I can’t even

I think it’s a misspelling of “dog parties” - you can book dog birthday parties at the Lothian road one, I think it’s like £5 per dog and they get one of those dog beers they make each or something.

Well these are both stupid things. If I threw my dog a party she’d just be like, “Where’s the park, dickhead?”


You need to sell that idea to Brewdog now. Brewdog branded dog parks

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I’m not taking their blood money

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I’m doing it then

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Hope they give you some of that sweet punk equity


I will be using this service

Brewdog is to craft beer what Wetherspoons is to cheap pints

  • Spoons
  • BDog

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Local Indian Pale Ale House


Local cans in the park.


I fucking hate Spoons, but then again Brewdog owe me over 3 grand so :man_shrugging:

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Have you spoken to your union?