Brewdog! The evil that walks and brews!

They came to my design firm once asking about a free pitch. We had to decline anyhow because of other clients but wouldn’t have done it for free. Presumed there were only about two or three agencies in the running, as tends to be the unwritten rule. Know via friends of at least a half dozen, none of who won anything from it.

I remember one of my friends agencies tweeting how proud they were to launch the Lone Wolf spirit as a can. And a week later, another agency proudly showing off a new design of it.

God knows how many people they work with / use / drop.

Yeah was a couple years ago now, meant they had the budget to significantly upgrade their taproom and brewery and significantly downgrade the quality of their beers. Oh and they let a load of people go too, fun stuff.

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Was going to say, they weren’t the most amazing brewery at least since I moved to the UK

Back in the day Juice Box was one of those low level really consistent solid 5/6% fruity IPAs along the lines of Bloody 'Ell or Elvis Juice when they were good. It found the same fate but a couple of Fourpure’s lagers are still ok

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Those were the days

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Seems my stance that Carlsberg is the best standard supermarket lager is gaining validity

I’ve got a friend who for years has also held this stance. He claims there’s an export variety which is head and shoulders above the rest too?

Heed his advice, Carlsberg Export is an excellent beer

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Has BrewDog’s ‘toxic culture’ pierced the craft-beer balloon?.

Melissa Cole going in two footed.

This isn’t going to go away for them in a hurry and that’s a Punks With Purpose promise…


Assume you saw this




Aye. Our next push is likely going to be towards getting full union recognition there for the current staff. Had some useful conversations with Unite and IWW on this.

It’d be a start at least.


Saw a piece on Brewdog on sky news before they talked about the current DUP shit. Don’t know if that speaks more for your success or how little everyone else cares about NI but we’ll go with the former! Getting really good reach with all this, it can’t be easy

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Going well for them


I’ve been having a really good and fun fortnight, not gonna lie.


Link from the journalist for further info

Edit: oh, the link doesn’t go to the article, never mind

I seem to remember an article in recent years about the businesses that held the leases and the businesses that operated the bars beimg seperated which felt a bit suss.

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It’s suss in that it’s not very punk, but it’s completely normal for a global megacorp, which is what they’ve always aspired to be.

More interesting is the amount of bars directly owned and leased back to Brewdog by James Watt himself at higher than market rates… and there’s definitely more than a few skeletons hidden in their accounting closet. The FT have sniffed a bit of blood around this from what we know: there might be some more to come out on this in the next few weeks.

The tax haven stuff isn’t all that shocking in truth (but the optics of it are obviously horrendous for them, particularly right now), though the curious bit that has got a bit buried in the story is that yer Brexit Tory prick Moynihan has A shares in the company. Which means they’ve almost certainly been sold directly to him by a current board member, somewhat undermining the argument that they can’t vett their investors and that it wasn’t a conscious decision to sell to him.


Not to diminish the staff-related fuckery, which sounds extremely grim and all solidarity there, but the constant pumping of the “we’re so Punk™” branding alongside all this “we operate as a large corporate entity compliant with local laws and regulations” bullshit is fairly galling. Just get on with it and acknowledge the level your business is at rather than trying to frame it as “bold, aggressive, punk”. Stop trying to have it both ways (I know this is just how the branding works, but still: fuck off).