Brewer's Fayre Pubs


Have you been in a Brewer’s Fayre pub / restaurant recently?

I went to one at lunchtime (at Mrs CCB’s parent’s request)- first time in maybe 15-20 years. It was absolutely rammed. Turns out that there’s still a huge market for food that’s pretty much identical to Wetherspoons but 50% more expensive. My New Yorker burger was okay but not £10 okay.

I’ll accept Hungry Horse and Harvester-related chat as well.


Want me to set up a separate thread for Beefeater chat, or is that also permitted here?


Sometimes had to go to these due to locality to workplaces. Awful. Fairly cheap pint of shit beer though.


QUIZ: rank the chains in descending order of UK branches
Hungry Horse
Brewer’s Fayre


Beefeater chat welcome :slight_smile: basically, it’s a Family Pub / Restaurant Chains That Aren’t Spoons thread


Haven’t been to a Beefeater since I was about 8 (and they were the venue of choice for friends’ birthday meals)


How about Fayre and Square?

The one in East Grinstead has a nice choice if ales and ridiculously big meals.


Hmm, never heard of them. Not allowing Fayre and Square chat.


not since the days of charlie chalks.

went to harvester for the first time ever at the start of this year. with a read of the menu found it accommodating enough (had my choice from plenty of the grill items, lots of the sides) (harvester seemingly only came to tyne and wear about two years ago)


Didn’t realise Beefeater were still going tbh. Used to like their ice creams when I was a kid.


You’re missing out.

I do like a Beefeater. The ones in Godstone and Croydon are nice. But last weekend I went to the one in Chessington which was rubbish. Generally only go for special occasions or when they send a discount voucher.

I do love a Toby Carvery.


I’ll accept Toby Carvery chat :wink:


There was a Charlie Chalk’s Funhouse (or equivalent soft play area) in the pub we were at today. Scandalously, they charge £3 per child to use the equipment. It was a relief to have a good excuse not to let the girls go in there as it looked like pure hell.


Does flaming grill count?


Gosh. Didn’t really go to these growing up as there weren’t many on the IoW. The Lifeboat in East Cowes used to be a Brewer’s Fayre I think, as there was one in Newport too maybe. Not been for years.

The pub at Devil’s Dyke used to be a Harvester I thought, but I went there for a pint (ended up with a bottle as the ales were woeful) the other day when cycling and now it’s a Vintage Inn, whatever that is.

Obv I bloody love a Toby Carvery. There’s one in West Wickham (ish) and went to the Reading ones a few times. Lovely.


Oh also I’ve never knowingly been in a Hungry Horse.


Always used to end up at one of these with the thinly veiled’s parents as her dad is a man who loves a deal and they do 2 for £10. It’s acceptable for £5 per meal, but pretty dire aside from that.


I guess this is what baffles me about them: you pay £10 for a regular main course, which is about the same as you’d pay in a nice local pub for something freshly made, and about twice the price of the same thing in Spoons. Just don’t understand why they’re still so popular


I’m with you.

Even if you went to a Hungry Horse/Sizzling/whatever safe, chain pub is nearby you get better food for the same sort of price or less. Even the stuff in Spoons is better quality I’d say.


I’ve not eaten in a Spoons since they went all Leave.EU on us. But their Mexican chicken burger (with soft drink) was exceptional value for £6-something. Never strayed too far from the burgers and grills.