Brexit (a poll thread)


Please explain your answers below and post your own polls.

Should we have a second referendum on ‘the terms’?

  • Yes
  • No
  • not sure

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Solely to annoy the fucking blairites and centrists.


I’m not sure cause it could be the same result and turnout would be low. ‘The terms’ in any case would still be unclear.


Just fucking cancel it?

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  • N

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In all seriousness.

I think it’d be close again but the other way at which point they’ll be a call from the other side for a harder brexit than the terms and a referendum on them. Then they’d win and the other side will be asking for another referendum and it’ll go on forever


I have been or will be negatively affected by Brexit

  • A lot
  • A little
  • Not at all

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Needs a dunno :grimacing: option


The UK is fucked

  • Yep - economically, politically…
  • Nah nothing much will change

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I work at a University and we’ve been kicked off bids for EU funding because of the perceived negative influence of having a UK partner on the bid. This means it’s less likely there’ll be work for me when my current contract finishes I guess.


My partner is an EU national and we might lose our rights to be together. I have wasted years studying EU law and politics.


I haven’t been impacted in terms of relationships, legal status, work etc that others have, so I feel a bit selfish saying this but I really feel like my mental health has taken a bit of a battering for the past 18 months or so.

Every time I think about Brexit, what lead to it, the attitudes prevalent in so much of the country, and what it’s going to do to so many people I just fucking despair.

Can you be exhausted with anger? Because I think that’s what I am a lot of the time.


I’m looking forward to saying ‘told you so’ to all the people that voted for it expecting it to miraculously solve all the problems they thought we had.

I actually know a few people that believed the money ‘saved’ would go to the NHS and that all ‘foreigners’ would be sent back to their own countries. I know some very narrow minded people unfortunately.


Yeah i felt really burned out by it


Find it difficult to support a second referendum because I don’t think a layperson like me should be deciding this sort of thing. But if you’re gonna have one, you might as well have a second…

Don’t really have any huge opinions on the economic/political consequences of it. It doesn’t seem good, but I don’t know if it would seem better with a left wing government calling the shots either…


Is that the same as ‘outrage fatigue’?

I think many people are, for their own mental health’s sake, deliberately closing themselves off from the news due to the relentlessness of it all at the moment. It’s a shame, and it plays into the hands of those on the right for whom it is part of their end game, but you can’t blame them for doing it.

(I think that this is different to people who don’t watch the news because they don’t care, or it doesn’t interest them though)


Wouldn’t support a second referendum because I think leave would win again, so there’s no point in putting further nails in the coffin of the side you’re on.

The most stupid thing was Cameron doing the referendum in the first place, why double down on his error?


I can’t imagine how much more difficult it is for people like you who have all of the stuff the rest of us are dealing with, plus the very real impact on your life. I hope there’s some comfort in the fact that there are lots of really good people determined to try to improve things.


I think remain would win this time but agree we should not have a second referendum.


i think one of the crap side-effects for me is the way in which i’ve essentially become initially cynical about but now outright embarrassed/enraged by a lot of brits.

If i don’t catch myself i start envisioning mouth breathing imbeciles with spittle mouths and etc and etc, but it’s not the public’s fault that they’ve been so horribly misdirected. So I have to pretty much daily remind myself that ‘those people’ aren’t all just disgusting racists. And that in itself is sad and tiring.


I think it possibly is. That feeling that there’s so much to be angry with that it becomes overwhelming. I refuse to close myself off from it though, even if it is exhausting because that simply gives even more ground away and the only way to help is to stay engaged and try to influence for good wherever we can.