Brexit Cancelled (18/2)

Hahahaha not really, here’s the weekly Brexit thread for this week’s Brexit.

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Reckon you should’ve gone with a Brexit Dead

Dead serious about etc… gag

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Well, there’s another five of these to come so who knows what joy lies around the corner

I don’t think the mods have the power to ban brexit. I’m sorry


Brexit Called Out.

what’s it done now?

Ruined the last four years and probably the next ten

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Fair grounds for cancellation then

Just really want it to be crunch time already. Can’t stand this stasis where nothing changes except we all get stupider and more hate filled. One of the best things about being away for a couple of weeks was not having to think about it all the time.


But I really like dodgems and candyfloss


Brexit given a reprieve after taking the decision upstairs.

Review retained.

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I’m cancelling Brexit

… for an hour



is this the brexit thread?
scotland and wales should join benelux

And re-commission Going for Gold?

(Edit: I was convinced Going for Gold was a Benelux-wide quiz show, now I’ve checked it seemed it included more European countries. My mistake).



All up for bants in the title but I was wondering if it might be worth putting the date in just to avoid confusion?

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I did have this thought @moderators can you please add ‘w/c 18/02’ to the thread title please?

There’s not going to be much brexit talk this week, it will be about the “fall of the labour party”.

Bit weird that people have left because of brexit like but whatever

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