Brexit’s continued impact on music

An interesting read

Have you noticed any illuminating comments from musicians lately or seen the direct impacts yourself in terms of added postage, less touring, localism on festival line ups?

Feels like this year we’re going to really notice it.

I’m really keen to explore the impacts of Brexit on the new DiS podcast and starting to line up a few guests - discusssd it with my first guest already, and first episode drops soon.

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My niece plays in a youth orchestra in the UK and whilst I haven’t spoken to her about it they don’t go to any European festivals/events/meet ups and I am guessing that is something that used to be common. I know a couple of people here (Italy) who play semi professionally (get a playing fee but aren’t full time orchestra members) and they are always involved in pan European concerts.

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Got a friend who does some tour managing and was relieved to not get a job last year because the carnet system is so much work.

Also bands looking to get merch printed in the EU to pick up at the start of their tour because that made selling in the EU much more straightforward.

Both of my parents are classical musicians and their working lives are immeasurably harder now.

So sorry to hear that. I’ve heard a lot of these stories. Lots of artists end up using my local orchestras than before.