Brexit Simulator 2017


Nice work @Antpocalypsenow


This has gone wild today, was the 4th most read thing on the BBC earlier. Unbelievable!

(Public have their hands on the game as well now, initial feedback is flooding in #Pray4Tone)


Other football simulators are available


My best mate just randomly found and linked me to your tweet about Harambe (without knowing you were a DiSser). He very much enjoyed it.


:smiley: Small (virtual) world!


Can I ask exactly how likely sega has deemed hard brexit or is it classified information?


Deffo can’t say any figures pal, sorry. It’s rare though given the amount of different variants we’ve got in there.


Any chance of Corbynmania running wild in 2020 if you play that far?


If I were competent at photoshop I’d be doing a Corbyn/Hulk-Hogan mockup now brother.


can you turn the brexit feature off?




Something like 90% tax increase on transfers, enforced wage caps etc, it’d be hilarious