Brexit Spinoff Thread


Has Brexit impacted on the company you work for / the business you run?

Definitely had a negative impact here.


Brexit company (from a selfish POV) impact

  • good
  • bad
  • too early to tell
  • likely to be unaffected

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Not really, no, in the short term.

It’s going to suffer a bit from a talent management point of view in R&D, though.


gone from working for a British EP delegation to academia so yes… it has negatively impacted them


Not financially yet, but then we’re not that sort of place but it’s been a big deal in other ways.

I’m a big fan of the place someone I know works in, the boss was well up for brexit until he realised that it would be a bad thing for the place lol.


It has made be a lot more suspicious of my colleagues, though, since we’re deep in the heart of Brexit country.

Reckon my Romanian colleague probably voted correctly, at least.


rare books are a funny one coz the bread and butter of our month aside from the whopping sales are books between 2k and 10k. if you can spend that on a book now, you’re probably retired or bonkers rich. so in theory we’re fine.

the pound being shite has def helped sales to US


Not yet.

The warehouse here has loads of Europeans working in it though. We also get quite a few drivers in too. In transport in general, they constantly go on about there being a shortage of drivers - That is at the moment, with plenty of foreign drivers knocking about, once they get fucked off back to where they came from, we’ll all be driving to the supermarket distribution centres to pick our own shopping.


the negative side of this is that a full half of our workforce is european, and almost everyone who’s british is dating or married to a european. so everyone is nervous in varying degrees about the forthcoming hassle/visa issues i guess.

there was ONE brexit voter in the entire company and he was loud about it, and now he’s burned a lot of bridges. i feel a bit sorry for him at this point



company was set up by an australian so any money he chucks us goes further than a year ago

overall we’re doing pretty well anyway, fingers crossed it continues


I work at a University. Applications from undergraduates in Europe are down between 2-10% depending on the subject area. No impact on recruitment of staff or funding bids yet but I don’t imagine it will be long coming.


in my shitwork (swimming pool) there was a sign up saying it was funded by the EU in the 1980s. This summer they took it down
l o l


What about these business rate rises? Our local shops are full of a petition the Council’s organised about it.

(Realise these aren’t technically Brexit related.)


Actually a bit annoyed at my employer for not taking a public stance on it, despite knowing full well how many Europeans we employ, particularly in highly skilled technical positions.

It’s a huge local employer too, they might have had some sway.


My dad is shitting himself about the rates rises, will genuinely be the difference between turning a small profit and struggling to break even.


we buy lots of kit from europe so the drop in the pound because of stupid brexit has certainly impacted us


Apparently businesses in areas where the property market is depressed stand to gain? I wonder how significant a portion of businesses that is.


the press tried to interview us about that actually. they’re annoying, but we’ll be okay


Brexit hasn’t happened yet…

Not too sure what’s happening in the construction sector at the moment - expenditure seems to have recovered slightly after the referendum wobbles, but commissioning and design (which runs about two years ahead of the main bulk of sector spending) is starting to slow, especially outside of London.

A lot of our clients are developers who own large logistics parks, which depend on their proximity to Heathrow to be viable. That work has really stopped flowing.