Brexit - the aftermath

So I spent a couple days running around offices filling out forms and paying various fees in the last days of December. Theoretically have one last appointment, form to complete and fee to pay at the start of January but no appointments are available yet. Basically the national bureaucracy needs to catch up with the local and regional bureaucracies. I love that we had to fill out forms and pay fees that do nothing other than entitle us to go and fill out the actual forms and fees required.

But this is 100% on the UK. Our local offices couldn’t have been more helpful, reaching out, trying desperately to find out what is actually required etc. Amazing we didn’t collectively just get told to go f ourselves.

This is the most predictable thing ever. Absolute idiocy to not be in the country you want to reside in on January 1st.


STOPPPP BRRRRRREEEEEEEXXXXXIIIITTTT(eers from getting back to their homes on the Costa del Sol)


What’s a Brexit?

Well now you’ve got to the heart of the question there. :thinking:


Not much, what’s a Brexit with you?


That’s horrible but she did manage to raise 30k to go interrailing to #stopbrexit, so more power to her


I am already depressed about the UK leaving the EU for some times, but the more I read about the even more depressed I become.

A large amount of music I listen to are from Indie bands around Europe. They don’t come around very often, and when they do, all they do is a single London date and maybe Leeds. They rarely do a show in midlands.

Now with Brexit and what it entails, bands are less likely to venture to this god forsaken country, and British bands, as well will be heavily affected.

Its daft. My only hope is Scotland to become independent and join the EU at later date. I am planning to do my Masters there, and hopefully stay!


Absolutely amazing that that guardian story is news given the things that happen to people of colour/from the global south every day at pretty much every border in the global north.

I set them up

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It’s why I’m here.


I know it isn’t framed that way but it is an illustration of that privilege and entitlement though isn’t it?
There are probably hundreds of thousands of Brits in Europe who voted for Brexit and who are now going to be outraged that life doesn’t continue exactly as it was.

In all my dealings with this I have been very aware of the incredible benefits that EU residency has given me.


Bollocks to Brexit! There, I’ve said it.


Anyone remember stocking up on food before March 2019? Weird times :smiley:



that’s no way to talk about lorry drivers really

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SEX ARSE sounds like an uttering from that sitcom written by Arthur matthews solely

Don’t look at the edit and me fucking a joke up

What edit?

sigh I miss Berlin

Sounds like he got a bum deal