Brexit - the aftermath


If only they’d been in a position to influence the government’s negotiating posit…



so ‘the leopards eating peoples faces party’ isn’t just a clever name? huh…

The ERG are back, and this time they’re demanding that we impose a border on Ireland instead of the one they previously demanded in the Irish Sea.

There’s no Brexit shitposting thread, right, so…

(PS: Correction - Liverpool is purple)

Just thought I’d vary it a bit, rather than just link to Lloegyr again.


One of the vote leave groups I’ve been keeping up with, is Leave HQ who, despite being quite reactionary in some of their rhetoric (I’d really advise staying away from their twitter feed) tend to have a slightly more thought through approach than say For one thing they argued against leaving the single market.

This was recently published by one of the people behind the group and I thought it was…quite extraordinary

IoM has never been EU has it? They might have to change some of their tax laws to join…

So er…are we just supposed to forget that they voted for the current deal?

Bizzarely, Francois is talking up how they managed to get the EU to replace the original backstop with the current protocol as part of this.


Meh, let’s just presume that’s Liverpool drifting off already to join its pals.

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IoM might be underwater soon anyway, when Johnson’s roundabout undermines the foundations.

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Scotland and NI look very UKIP coloured there :wink:

That reads as being quite Lexity and so makes the common mistake of forgetting that the Tories are in charge at the moment and there’s no way they’re going to increase regulation or invest particularly strategically.

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You better believe it!

Have you seen my UKIP Keepcup?

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Don’t forget to mention your Tory lid as well you little scamp.


In some ways Lexity is almost too nice, I thought it was incredibly pure pie-in-the-sky type thinking that seemed to have no connection to either the current economic layout of the UK or as you’ve mentioned the people running the country.

The most bizarre bit for me was probably this.

That is perhaps where Jacob Rees-Mogg was right. We perhaps won’t see any benefit to Brexit for fifty years. Brexit is a correction to an unhealthy trend of submission to neoliberalism, the cost of which will be borne for a generation. It is likely that we will never resume the same levels of trade with Europe for as long as the EU exists. The EU has made its position clear, as have we. The only thing left to do is to work out where to go next.

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I actually did mention to a couple of barristas how it looked a bit UKIP, but was a gift, so what can you do… I’m taking their confusion to be a sign of the irrelevance of UKIP in Glasgow, rather than my shite patter. :shushing_face:


This bit is just the line they can sell to boomers who can then use it to claim their selflessness and forward thinking in voting for the future generations instead off themselves isnt it?

So when they get in arguments with James O’Brien types who are all ‘oh yeah, tell me one good thing about brexit, just one good thing!!, they can say ‘well obviously we won’t see any benefits for 50 years, but my grandchildren’s futures are secured’ or whatever

Possibly but if you see the stuff that proceeds this its…lets say so highly speculative. I don’t think they’ll be convincing anyone who’s not a true believer already.

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Probably more confused as to why you were in their chambers chatting about your coffee cup ololololol