Brexit - the aftermath

Indeed they are probably not the biggest disturbances witnessed in recent memory, but imo they do not bode well for the upcoming parading season after a year of lockdown plus the perceived ‘betrayal act’ that the Tories have levied on NI

It often annoys me how little coverage NI gets in England (and even the south of Ireland). Many of the things that happen here would be scandals, or at the very least news stories, if they happened in the mainland. Truly a forgotten province. I feel for the loyalists who don’t understand how much the people of Finchley do not care for them


Is this the Northern Ireland protocol? Feels like things are getting very shaky over that already. The only person I really know in NI has been saying they’re surprised it’s taken this long for events like this to happen

I only refer to it as the ‘betrayal act’ as near me there is a banner with Johnson imposed over a photo of the Somme battlefield saying ‘Resist the Betrayal act’. Of course it’s utter bullshit because customs checks do not equal culture. But the main unionist parties have been leading working class people (who often have the worst prospects in the province) up the garden path to violence, and are now abandoning them as soon as shit hits the fan

It’s hard to find info about what’s going on in NI even on Twitter, literally like a cordon of darkness exists around it. It’s very disconcerting.

I could recommend some twitter accounts to follow (though you’d have to follow them all to get an idea of what is going on). I have though about an NI general thread but that’s maybe too far :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


I would be interested! I think it’s pretty fucked how much NI gets forgotten other than as a political football, as a concept.


i saw Gregory Campbell on the news earlier blaming Sinn Fein for…loyalists rioting with police. washing his hands of stoking up the escalating rhetoric over the last few months completely.

it did get a bit of coverage on the main BBC news too although not as much

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there’s an Irish politics thread somewhere that it could go in (i think it might still be called the Irish Election thread but there have been some non-election posts in there since so the name could be updated) but feel free to start an NI specific one if you like

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I would definitely be interested in a NI political thread of its own…


Still incredible how little coverage NI got in the Brexit campaign, even on the Remain side. Not sure if it’s because they didn’t realise the consequences or because they didn’t think it would resonate as an issue with English voters.


Adonis has a bright idea

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He seems to have forgotten his turtleneck

Blair and Major brought it up a grand total of once, in a speech in Derry, and it was barely reported on outside of the NI news from what i remember.

while it probably wouldn’t have resonated with a lot of English voters i still always thought it should have been a point that the Remain campaign hammered into the ground.


It always stuck with me that the british tv news were very reluctant to air troubles related stories esp in the headlines because people in Britain would just switch channel. I think that this gets covered in old bbc doc, about voice restrictions iirc.


Horrible scenes :frowning:

Bit of light digging turns up this thread which - well, fucking hell, someone needs to knock some Unionist leaders’ heads together and remind them about life in the 70s.

All this foretold by some guy™ representing a collection of Loyalist paramilitaries the BBC gave a platform to, for some reason.

I hardly think his kids are out there tonight attacking across the peace line.

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FAO @Rodion and others who actually know a fair bit/live in NI


Cheers, I’ll post some stuff as and when I feel like I’ve got a coherent thought in my head :slightly_smiling_face: