Brexit : The Uncivil War

Anyone see it? Not sure whether it should be a topic in its own right, or feature in the rolling descent into Fascism or heavy handed satire thread. Seemed a little too breezy and a bit “Thick Of It” without the laughs. Carole Cadwalladr did a pretty good rolling fact check on twitter throughout.

Brexit: Infinity War


Do dramas really need fact checking? I thought dramas were dramatisations?


Yeah it was alright overall. Cumberbatch seemed to have (what I have seen of) Dominic Cummings down pretty well. Pretty inaccurate to see him cast as a lone genius though but that’s drama for you (Matthew Elliott was portrayed as a posh bumbling sidekick which struck me as odd). Also it seemed to suggest Cummings has a semblance of a conscience which is the first I’ve heard of it.

Probably should’ve represented the illegality of Vote Leave’s operations more thoroughly rather than leaving it to the postscript, but I’d like to think that was the lawyers weighing in.

Yes and it EXPLICITLY said so at the start. But Cadwalladr’s gotta Cadwalladr.

Enjoyed it a lot. Agree that it was painted in fairly broad brushstrokes but it was still enjoyable and a good background for parts of the process that were easily missed, e.g. The Vote Leave boardroom scene where they wanted to sack Cummings and ended up with the chair of the board resigning.

Hated this. Totally Sherlocky - lone genius listening to mystical vibrations of the country, scrawling vaguely legible notes until a sudden moment of lucidity. Felt a lazy use of Cumberbatch.

Cummings did end up getting offed from the board though, they didn’t show that (not that it really mattered).

And yeah the representation of him was slightly laughable. Like he was John Nash or something.

That’s just the BBC using their own history (Greg Dyke not resigning and Gavyn Davies ending up resigning over Hutton)

Haven’t seen it. When Thanos snaps his fingers at the end does Gove survive or nah? (please be no)

Don’t recall Gove being in it. I mean there was a bloke who looked, sounded and acted nothing like him who purported to be Michael Gove but…

Hard to portray him accurately when you’re limited to using human actors though isn’t it


True. The toughest of all gigs.

didn’t know he was welsh

Serkis wasn’t available? Or did they just not have the budget?

“who’s this guy, get his agent on the phone now”


I think Lee Evans could do it pretty well.

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Serkis was playing the role of Teresa May.

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