Brexit Thread IV - Negotiations begin (and we're all screwed)

dw we’ll just eat the wealthy.

Some of them might have voted remain so a bit unfair lets just eat leave voters instead.

Way too salty


and bitter

Feed them to the pigs instead

1000 dystopian scenarios play out in my head in an instant upon reading this


As I’ve quoted previously, “Civilisation is only nine meals away from anarchy”.

Similar worry over the supply of medicines for me. The thinly veiled is type one diabetic, and I’d be similarly concerned for anyone who routinely medicates a condition :-1:

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the existing ones + 1000 more

Brexit as an expedient cover & excuse for extreme monitoring, social control & ultra-conformism

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Isn’t TM a diabetic as well? Think she’d have thought about that. Oh actually…

Well the original first Cabinet meeting on Spitting Image had the point made that they were all too boring and indistinguishable and needed to find ways to make themselves memorable. Lamont is eating a yoghurt so he just puts the empty pot on his head and thus their running joke was started.

Oh right.

Guys, I told marckee something he didn’t know/couldn’t Google!


I take a modicum of comfort in the fact that while a Tory government might want to do that, they probably wouldn’t be able to. Not because of votes or political power or anything like that, but out of ineptitude. Conservatives are basically shit at running countries. Even if they did have designs for a massive surveillance state, they’d tender it out to G4S who would spend a ton of money doing nothing.

Like universal credit - the party was behind IDS and wanted to do it, but instead managed to burn £16 billion completely fucking it up. And IDS just walked away from it!

Actually doing things, good or bad - i.e. governing - isn’t really what the Tory party is about, don’t think they’re about to start now.

(Not to say the situation can’t get worse or anything, just that I have grave doubts about a Tory party’s ability to effect active change, even if they wanted to)

yup, especially after withdrawal from EU data protection directives - which will immediately mean that all personal, private data is market capitalised anyway

social control usage allied to citizenship status allied to criminal record allied to ethnic family history allied to credit score …hooked up to AI & IoT - some of it front-facing & ALL of it internally collected & administered

why does the future look so Fascistic?

It was before my time.

yeah but it won’t be the Tory party managing it - it’ll be an Amazon or Google or Zuckerberg supercomputer G4S just providing the ‘human face’


The idea of G4S or Capita trying to do this both amuses and horrifies me in equal measure.


Yeah quite possibly - I can see Google/Amazon/Facebook using the UK as a test subject for a full online surveillance state, prior to rollout in the USA. At least it will take the Tories at least five years to get the thing started, which gives them plenty of time to lose the next election and face political oblivion for generations

You’re heard their theme tune, right? Whoever ‘composed’ that clearly had this very form of public facing world domination in mind.

sorry, whose theme tune? You mean G4S?

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