Brexit Thread IV - Negotiations begin (and we're all screwed)


Alright John Redwood/Owen Patterson/Nigel “Nurse!” Lawson…


Time to just sidestep the Tories altogether, good thinking Jez


Well he is the Prime Minister



nothing new here as such but I am starting to find the elitist nature of comments from, I assume remain voters or EU nationals about leave/Brexit voters a bit infuriating. Yeah, it’s a stupid vote with horrible consequences, but I don’t really see what being rude about these people who voted for it achieves when that energy would be better spent putting pressure on politicians… it’s sad how divisive this whole thing has made Britain. (I don’t really know what my point is here)


Yeah, agreed. My #nemesis is an obsessive Remainer who exclusively tweets about Brexit and spends an astonishing amount of time arguing with Leavers online and condescending to them in the most patronising way possible, and got into a big online spat recently when she posted that people should have to have a certain level of education before they’re allowed to vote, which is pretty gross tbh… Obviously yeah some of the people she’s arguing with are pretty twatty and rude but jaysus LITERALLY WHY BOTHER. Think obsessive Remain Twitter is more offputting than helpful tbh.


Gonna attempt to find a job in Ireland or anywhere else, watch as it ruins my personal relationships and hope the student loans company won’t find me :+1:


wathcing Evan Davis interview some members of the public on the ‘negotiations’, and i’m more convinced than ever that the British public don’t deserve democracy.


Never ceases to amaze me how people can form such strong opinions on things with so little knowledge. Loved the guy referring to Michel Barnier as having absolute power.


i’m just amazed that an apparently random selection of the public still use words like ‘excited’ to describe the ‘outcome’ of this. It’s bizarre. Even if I was in favour of leaving the European Union, to use those terms within the context of the politicians completely in charge of this, whilst also criticising the European Union of appointing a technocrat that has ‘absolute power’ (which isn’t true by the way) is just…

Anyway, ahm oot.


We have representative democracy rather than a direct one for a reason


what’s that.


It would have been interesting if Evan Davis then asked what they think post-Brexit Britain would look like. What are they imagining? That their quality of life will improve?


the fishermen will be rich.

we’ll all be stinking rich.


They’re imagining no more non-white people


The like was for coming here, not the other things!


welcome to the boards!

you ever answered a question without really hearing what someone said?

that’s life, people just bluff their way through shit they’re not too engaged by

that means that people pay no attention to politics and then someone puts a mic in front of them and they say “oh b or a or maybe both i don’t know”

they have no idea

and telling them they should care is as useful as me telling you to pay attention to anything else you don’t care about

but people who don’t care about politics still get to vote

as they should

the end


We need some kind of strong leader who will take all the important decisions for us and not bother us every couple years with “elections”, if you ask me, and nobody has.


I’ve never, and would never willingly involve myself in a public panel debate where predominantly I needed to bluff, and don’t think that was what the panel thought they were doing here. Almost all of them used the word ‘excited’ by the possible outcome and came across as caring about what’s happening (and why wouldn’t they? The outcome is going to affect them and they were all aware of that).

Not sure what point you’re making in the latter part of your post- people have no idea, don’t care about politics and don’t pay attention because they don’t care, but have the right to vote and this is appropriate? Wasn’t suggesting people shouldn’t be allowed a vote, but you’ve not made a case in their favour.


Would you say that said leader would ensure some form of…what’s the word… stability?