Brexit Thread IV - Negotiations begin (and we're all screwed)



As noted upthread re. the guy from Goldman Sachs:


Yeah, but have you seen the water features? They’re grotesque, like they’ve accidentally uncovered some Great Old One sleeping beneath the foundations.

Also, the main entrance has this overhanging mezzanine thing that I find structurally terrifying to walk under, can’t find a picture though.


That looks badass.


Go on…


They look like massive pools of dried-up sick.


Genuinely, if you see it in person, there’s something viscerally unappealing about them (there are several of them). Especially since they never seem to have water in.


I really like that


It was just normal pizza (margherita) but at breakfast time. There is a place near me that does a pizza with bacon, chilli, spinach and an egg in the middle that is the perfect hungover breakfast food though.


Quite like the idea, but what it immediately looks like to me is a half-dried cowpat.


Here’s a bad pic of the entrance, that overhanging bit extends out further than the picture shows, and is held up by a single column, walking under it you just feel like there millions of tonnes of Derbyshire sandstone about to crush you at any second:


I walk past these features every day now and they’re grim. They look like the Upside Down from Stranger Things.

There is, however, a Bleecker burger, of which I have already had two (double bacon cheese; angry fries) despite it being open for a week. Go there if you’ve not been already.


I’ve had Bleeker at Spitalfields, I don’t get much chance to eat round here though, but I’m assuming these places will be open at the weekend?


Looks like it, though Bleecker is only open until 6pm on Sundays.


Ahaha he’s pulled a ‘Pete Townshend’


The best part is he’s not even had the balls to do it himself - even though “he did it in a personal capacity and very much not as part of the government”, the government have sent someone else out to bat for him.






He did actually release it tbf…



“(He says he was trying to come to terms with being abused as a child himself, and was helping to “set up a research program for a new support system for survivors of childhood abuse.” And while he was given a formal police caution, he was cleared of the possession charge.)”



I know he did that memoir, but was the “research” always planned to be part of that, or did the memoir just end up having to address that incident?