Brexit Thread IV - Negotiations begin (and we're all screwed)


Likewise this fella



As much as we should, if someone pulled the plug on brexit there’d be such a ridiculous shitstorm


But not as much an actual shitstorm as leaving.

And think of all the delicious tears of leave voters…


Oh yeah it would be worth the short term pain for the long term gain


Some of those comments are a nightmare, the EU literally published how much money they gave to the BBC on their site and people trying to suggest they’re lying and tweeting at breitbart to start their own investigation :expressionless:


There’ll be a shitstorm anyway from Leave voters when we leave the EU and the non-white people don’t all leave the country and the public services don’t get better. They’ll always be angry because they’ll never get what they want.


To be fair a lot of Leave voters full expect things will get worse in the immediate aftermath of brexit.


this is one of the things i’m most worried by, going into a recession is shit, a depression even worse and all the effects it could have on NHS funding etc.


the things people were angry about simply won’t be fixed by brexit so that under current of anger at the system won’t be sorted out… can only lead to even more bad things


whole thing is a shitshow from beginning to…well, it’ll probably never end innit


Yeah, but I’m thinking longer-term, these people will never get the return to the past they fantasise about, and you can bet Murdoch, Dacre and co will never be satisfied


Yeah I’m definitely concerned about this, as in it’s possible that those same sources that whipped up furor around brexit could start turning to other targets to funnel the residual anger left from a population that haven’t seen their wishes fulfilled.

But I possibly naively think that that might actually push people in the direction of looking at the actual root causes of most of their complaints. Particularly since public opinion already seems to be largely turning against brexit.


…the UKs fourth party, with one third of the seats of the third place party and only two seats more than the fifth place party. :sunglasses::wink:


The government, again, abstained from an opposition day motion, this time over the Brexit impact assessments.

It’s worth reading from here down to get an idea of what that means, and what happens if the government choose to ignore it, again.


damn REMOANERS with their legitimate enquiries and justice!!!1




Although I would like to think you’re right, can you supply any evidence to suggest the tide of opinion is turning against Brexit?

On an anecdotal level, I don’t know anyone who voted leave that would change their vote. Views are entrenched on both sides.

Unfortunately I think you are being naïve. I have minimum trust in the general public. It’s easier to blame someone else rather than looking at how to resolve issues holistically. And there are a lot of issues in the UK. We have a largely under-educated workforce, low productivity, an almost non-existent manufacturing industry, an over reliance on the service sector, an economy that is fuelled by unsecured debt, a north/south divide which places (self-inflicted) pressure on the south-east and London, which is pushing up the population there and, consequently, house prices, a lack of infrastructure investment and development and an aging population that is placing immense pressure on social care and the health service.

Leaving the EU will not address these issues, obviously. But will we start looking at ourselves instead of blaming someone else? I doubt it.


for my sins, i’m the moderator of a local facebook group for the area i live in. and the anti-foreigner sentiment, if anything, is rising. And therefore so is Brexit fervour. :frowning:


I’ll have a bit of think about the rest of your comment in a bit.


there is SURELY enough regret to chip away at the tiny majority that the “yes” vote had.