Brexit Thread IV - Negotiations begin (and we're all screwed)


and more than that, the current government, backed by press, is pushing the agenda that leaving the EU will cure all ills. And low education means people are buying it.


But also the most over-qualified.


Impressive work xylo - didn’t you only move there a couple of months ago?


yeah. joined the local group to ask about a few things i needed to find (local picture framer etc) and got into arguments with roughly 50 racists. Then one of the moderators messaged me and said ‘we’re getting overwhelmed with people of that ilk, do you want to help ban the ones getting bigotty’ and so now i keep getting reports when another imbecile starts a post with ‘them foreign cunts’


@moderators this dude posted a day ago saying he was new to the boards “seems to be a well mannered place” and has just referenced me moving house in April.

Can anyone check if this is MBPH again?


Actually, AggPass welcomed me to the boards. I never claimed to be new to them.


Please. If this is MBPH just… why?


I was alerted by the username that you’d be a tired troll but your posting has seemed fine from what I’ve seen, sure you can understand the scepticism though


Thanks. Just here to add to the debate in a (hopefully) positive manner.


Apologies for the snarlyness. We have an endlessly occurring troll who tends to walk along these sorts of ‘brexit britain’ lines in what only he thinks of as humour. So I flinched as a reflex there!

Are you an alt account or a returning past user? Welcome either way


Links to one well known member and a couple of others none of whom are dodgy FWIW


fine fine. got a little eyebrow-raised when a ‘new user’ started talking about my personal life, as you can imagine.


Definitely not my intention to cause any alarm.


peace, dude. i don’t mind who you are as long as you’re not him! people have new accounts for whatever reason and that’s all good with me






But also this, from a week later…

I think that people don’t like the handling of Brexit, but they want it (“it” being their magical fantasy land) nonetheless


Those statistics seem even murkier there’s it seems like a fairly significant number of people stand by their votes in the 2016 referendum although with enough margin of error to lead to a complete change in result (91% Remain 88% Leave)

But I wonder how this squares with only 54% of Leave voters saying that Brexit is a great idea in theory but is being badly implemented. Unless 46% of people actually think that brexit is actually being implemented well…


There’s so many of these polls (that also often get passed about leave and remain groups) that it becomes almost meaningless. Like this from Dec last year


Back to the glory days of the 70’s