Brexit Thread IV - Negotiations begin (and we're all screwed)


I mean, normally they show a slight swing either way, from what I’ve seen. We’d need a drastic change in opinion for people to demand that the government puts an end to it all, so I just ignore these polls


Unfortunately, I don’t think any major backlash in the general population (unless the press changes it’s tune) will happen until it’s too late. Far too many people think it’s already happened or are confused why more hasn’t changed yet.


To answer the rest of your query, I suppose one of the things that makes me slightly more optimistic are the results of the last election. Yes the conservatives won, but this was largely done by consolidating a solid vote from people in the late 40s/50+ age group.

Whilst Labour’s language has unfortunately not been has anti-brexit as I would have liked it does point to looking at austerity and economic mismanagement as the source of the country’s ills rather than say lax migration and democratic deficit.

I would agree with the idea that we do have issues with education but I would actually posit that class consciousness is actually rising hence the rising popularity of political models that aim to tackle the inequalities born from class struggles.


plus… you’d have thought the complacency of the non-voters might be nudged in the direction of actually participating were there to be another vote


I’d still be too chicken to have another referendum in case we somehow voted for something stupider.


nah, we had the stupidest one already

if we had a referendum between;

  • Remain

  • Leave with No Deal

  • Leave with X Deal

then Remain would easily win

mind you, with this Govt they’d probably leave out the Remain option and just roll with Shit Sandwich vs Shit on Toast


On the responses to the various petitions the government says:

‘The Government has set out a clear commitment that both Houses of Parliament will have the opportunity to vote on the final deal reached with the EU before it is concluded. This will be a meaningful vote which will give MPs the choice to either accept the final agreement or leave the EU with no agreement.’

So yep, shit x 2 .


what happens if the Commons vote one way & the Lords vote the other?


They haven’t thought of that…


Salisbury Convention I guess - assuming the Commons are for and Lords against.


Well you did. And you well know that we have a fuck load of arshole trolls coming on here so I’ve just had to go through all four of your profiles to try to make sure I’ve not missed something. Either be honest like JohnM or be discreet.


Calling yourself Brexit & having a Union Flag as your avatar is hardly a recipe for discretion is it?


He’s just being a successful red white and blue brexit like the mayster wanted



If you say “Steel of the red white and blue lady” three times in the mirror and turn off the lights Boris Johnson will appear and fart on one of your enemies.


Interesting international take on the UK’s post-Brexit vote identity.


Feel a bit unwell after reading this thread


It is just insane that a government would do this to it’s own country.


If anyone needs me I will be in the next room, screaming “Sovereignty” into a pillow.