Brexit Thread IV - Negotiations begin (and we're all screwed)


Bit optimistic this, at least until Charles starts really abusing his position.

So after about a week then.


Even if he does, I don’t think the staunch unionists will be persuaded, and even if the monarchy goes full lizard person it won’t convince the huge amount of moderate unionists, catholics who are pro-union for economic and NHS reasons, and the people who self-identify as Northern Irish. A United Ireland has apparently been inevitable since 1922, but it never really has been.

Sorry to get full NI on everyones ass but it’s the one issue i’m informed on so i’m taking a goddamn stand :smiley:


Can’t see it - there seems to be genuine real affection for William & Kate. Think they’ve done a lot to validate the Royals’ continued existence in a lot of people’s minds.


Something quite grimly amusing about imagining Charles being enthroned on March 30th 2019 and immediately demanding first a nationwide survey of personal assets and then announcing a widespread castle building programme. If we’re going to regress to the past then why not go the full 1000 years?


i’d be down for ‘War of the Roses 2: Electric Boogaloo’


For all my joking I can see Charles being really really toxic.


They’d have to get Charles & Camilla out of the way first

are they really genuinely popular though?


Mate, for all the criticism one could throw at the queen, the one thing nobody ever questions is her commitment to duty. She knows she has to outlive the troublesome heir.


just checked

it’s actually his birthday today - who knew?

He’s only 69. Thought he was much older. Don’t think Old Liz will outlive him. Can’t see him having any more than max 3 years on the throne though


Give 'em Hell pb!


Possibly yeah, don’t know a whole lot about how the pay is in the UK admittedly. Ireland isn’t that expensive to live in outside of Dublin though

Yeah fair enough, that was a bit of a generalisation. I imagine it’s a lot more rewarding to work for the NHS, for one thing, given how badly the health service in Ireland is run by comparison.


Mostly gut feeling tbh, but this implies plenty of public support for the institution as opposed to just the Queen herself -

With that said, while it’s not a given that a troublesome monarch would erode that hugely (it could just reflect back on Charles himself), it’s possible he could do quite a bit of harm if and when he take on the role of Head of State etc.


In 2015, around 55 million customs declarations were made by 141,000 traders. The UK’s exit from the EU could see the number of customs declarations which HMRC must process each year increase five-fold to 255 million.

No doubt in the event of the hardest of brexits, the government will have planned appropriately and got enough staff in place to deal with this

< /sarcasm >

Getting really scared now. The country could literally come to a standstill and then what? Riots in the streets between brexiteers who think it’s the EUs fault and remainers who think we should never have tried to leave?

I wonder if it might be a good idea to go on holiday for a couple of weeks from 28th March 2019…

(edit to correct the date!)


Depends on whether you think you’ll be able to get back through immigration, or the whole system will have collapsed!!!

Would imagine any riots or similar would be caused by things like food shortages (should things get that far) rather than direct political stuff though.


planning to have my Irish passport by then (will require shitloads of paper work but hopefully one of my sisters will volunteer to do it)

i have this idea in my head of going on holiday with the lads, and getting through a european airport in 10 minutes with it while they all get held up for two hours, giving me time to drink a cocktail in the sun and then laugh at them when they finally manage to join me


Cork has gone nuts as well, though the rest of the country is relatively cheap.


I’m thinking the same thing.

Genuinely think the country could grind to a stand still and there will be riots but it won’t be between leavers and remainers, it’ll be food riots once the shelves go bare and nothing can come in as the borders/customs are closed.


like I said, there’s hardly a person alive under the age of 70 for whom the two aren’t inextricably linked (including Charles)

I dunno…who knows? That’s kind of the point though. There is so much “Who the fuck even knows?” in a Brexit, let alone in a minority-Government run Brexit, let alone in a minority-Government run Brexit with a sectarian hard-border issue, let alone in a minority-Government run Brexit with a sectarian hard-border issue under the umbrella of the passing of the longest ever reigning Monarch & matriarch of the British Isles



maybe we shouldn’t worry, i hear there’s gonna be plenty of jam…

imagine being a business leader right now, trying to plan for 2019/2020

it’s insane


Me :hugs: