Brexit Thread IV - Negotiations begin (and we're all screwed)


Let alone a sheep farmer.


Yeah I knew too, because they played the anthem on Today this morning. I had already managed to forget it though.


bit of a Wolfcastle, I’m guessing you all knew & it was just me who had escaped the flag-waving memo


it’s the fucking ‘business leaders’ who got us all into this mess in the first place


Me n’all, only because he shares it with the wife’s father. I wonder if Charlie boy used to keep a bottle of Poitín on top of the fridge?


I still think that Australia or Canada or New Zealand will be the first choice, but people aren’t leaving the NHS because of the pay, but because of the long hours, poor treatment by management and the feeling that it will never get any better.


Pay is definitely a consideration tbh. Nursing wages are pretty shit relative to how specialist your training is and how intense the workload and psychological pressure can be.


Is that true?

Apple have lots of workers in Ireland, even if there are no stores:


I mean, I can’t remember how many times I’ve seen nurses intervene and stop a doctor committing to a really stupid/lethal course of action because the nurse has more knowledge of a drug/illness/etc. There wages definitely don’t reflect that kind of specialist knowledge and more and more of them know it.


People who work in the public sector get very used to sucking up poor compensation. We don’t like it, but we do put up with it, up to a point, if not for noble reasons then at least for reasons of inertia. But when you get the feeling that you’re working for an organisation that is in an irretrievable tailspin then that becomes a different matter entirely.


Sorry, yeah, the main reason doctors are leaving the NHS isn’t pay. I still think that pay probably isn’t the main driver behind nurses leaving the UK either though - it is a big driver behind them moving out of cities, but the wages aren’t much higher in other countries - again, it’s the workload, bad management, feeling undervalued and the feeling that it’s only going to get worse.


I dunno. Someone told me. They’re Irish


The trade off always used to be that public sector jobs would have lower pay but that was offset by a more secure position and pension.

You can’t say that now.


I’m a cheat as it’s my fiancée’s birthday – acts as a very timely reminder to wish HRH many happy returns


I worked in the NHS for 5 years, left this summer, so I get what you’re saying there. Definitely felt like things were getting stupider and more out of control over my last year.


Between 2010 and 2015 there was an acknowledgement that things were getting worse but that it didn’t have to be the case forever. The 2015 general election and EU referendum were a real kick in the teeth for staff morale though, and I’ve never known NHS staff think it was as bleak as this before.


With any luck, the answer to that would be no and you can live happily ever after in the holiday destination of your choice…

or within it’s airport terminal, like in that Tom Hanks film


Speed 2


I loved Speed 1 but I didn’t care for 2.