Brexit Thread IV - Negotiations begin (and we're all screwed)


It’s the trouble with having such a slim majority (in or out of coalition). Individuals and fringe groups can wield huge amounts of power. Ultimately it’s May’s fault for throwing away a smallish but workable minority in such a ridiculous way.


This is interesting.


Basically = “sack Brexit off” right?


I’m reading it as Soft Brexit for all


miniature flags etc


^this. However soft brexit for all is probably undeliverable by the Tories.

Plus an open challenge to the leadership.


Aye. But no Brexit at all suits her aims re: Scotland better.


It does, but I heard some of her own MPs are pro hard-Brexit, so she’d find it difficult to get past them. Note that in her statement she focuses on it from the perspective of the Union rather than what’s actually best for Scotland (or any other part of the UK) and in doing so she’s tugging at probably the only thing that unites the Tories on Brexit.


Yeah perhaps. It’s a carefully crafted statement alright - but imagine the potential electoral jackpot for if, somehow, she ended up as ‘The Scot Wot Stopped Brexit’ or something.


Would be odd, for sure. Can’t help but think it would leave her out in the cold with much of the party, but make her fairly popular with centrists across the board - electable, yet potentially unable to win the national party leadership. It makes a lot of sense if she sees her career as remaining Scot-centric though.


Soft Brexit is what all apart from about 50 lunatic right wingers, the odd labour MP and Nigel Farage wants from this bad situation. It’s a testament to the influence of these people and the right press that she is pursuing something that most other people (including herself) do not believe in. Now more than ever a hard Brexit is showing to be completely incompatible to the complexities of our political setup and its a sign of how screwed we are that it’s still on the table.


so fucking this.

bin them all off.


guardian’s politics live has really gotten good at keeping a relevant feed moving fast eh?

edit: this sounds sarcy. it’s not!


This is a logical position for a UK Conservative and Unionist to take, and consistent with her position to date.

Uniform soft Brexit across the UK is the only way this can go and May and the Tories are gonna have to take whatever political hit that entails. It’s entirely navigable by any semi-competent PM, but May is proving to be even less politically astute in the job than Brown was.

I don’t think there’ll be a general election before spring 2019, though. The Tory leaders-in-waiting will let May grind through it all (and deny any opportunity of a Corbyn gov during the interim) before pouncing.


agreed. they’re extremely happy let her to be the face of total fuck-up right now, and then will shove her into the thames once this is all over


…that, and how excruciatingly useless May is as PM.



we really think tabloids and hardcore brexiteers will allow May to carry on with a soft brexit?


just really depressing even reading that sentence, still


I like all the people moaning about Labour for doing nothing, as if Labour want to get involved in this current shitshow or are in a position to do anything right now anyway.