Brexit Thread IV - Negotiations begin (and we're all screwed)


…which she could use to her advantage by simultaneously playing a game of chicken with the Brexitwankers and tacking to the centre to hoover up those not convinced by Corbyn. Basically, gloss over the fact that Cameron fucked up over having the Brexit referendum and carry on in his image. Rather than shit the bed over a handful of Moggy Tory whingers and a now non-existent UKIP threat.

Which brings me back to Ruth Davidson, who may be moderate in terms of Brexit, and, at a glance, seems somewhat competent (or even successful). But that ‘success’ is as a result of harnessing the rabid UKOK No 2 Indyref2 SNPbad vote at a time of constitutional uncertainty whilst Labour in Scotland have been imploding.


as if on cue


Does it make you wonder that Marina? We are of course surprised that you would be wondering that. Wondering.


I used to really enjoy some of her stuff. Oh well, days long gone now.


Ha, that’s what prompted my post!




TM kills child with gunshot to the face

“Funny that you never see Corbyn and Theresa in the same place. Makes you wonder if Corbyn IS Theresa.” #corbynistheresa #maekuwnuder


Can’t help but think that at some point it’s going to be increasingly obvious that they have no actual vision for what brexit should be like.

Then again I’ve been saying this for over a year now so…


I mean Starmer nailed it today talking about why this is suddenly so fucked. Yday was literally the first time that all the bluster and the jingo and the ‘we’ll just make it work’ idiocy hit an actual, practical wall. And now even Davis is laying off the usual sanctimony (relatively) and being cautious giving the standard answers (not sure i’ve seen anyone say THE WILL OF THE PEOPLE) today.

There’s still the hard brexiters in the Tories ofc. But there’s a really odd sense of people finally, finally shitting their kecks and understanding how completely fucked this is. And good.


Good solution


So I guess we can add ‘regulatory alignment’ to the Brexit Bullshit drinking game that no one can ever play because there just isn’t enough booze in the fucking world.


More often than not, events happened to Brown and he didn’t handle them particularly well. In May’s case, she seems to be causing events and handling them dreadfully.


She’s really on one today

Some people who were born after me are now older than they were - shock fucking horror.


Oh, it’s totally logical position to have, yes, but it’s the public stating of that position that’s interesting.

As for your last paragraph, yes, I agree (see posts, passim).


It’s a catty comment, but it doesn’t mean this.


tbf this is a flippant shit joke innit. she’s embarrassing of course but then so are the number of snot bubbles being blown about it on that there twitter


So if I understand correctly (and tbf I most likely don’t) according to Davis’ answers this afternoon the solution to this whole clusterfuffle is that post-Brexit we’ll be doing a wee spot of ‘regulatory alignment’ to ensure that we ultimately reach the same point as we are now in terms of what EU regulations demand, but we’ll be doing it in our own Red White and Blue Brexity sort of way god damn it. Ok then. I’m not sure I see the point in any of that but…alright.

But then:

So…yeah. I mean…well, I just…I think this is the first time in my life where I’ve truly understood that popular internet meme, “I can’t even.” I literally can’t even. I just can’t. Can you? Because I, friends, cannot.


this is correct. we are essentially going to be aligning ourselves so that it all actually syncs up and we’re able to conduct trade. just with no bearing on it whatsoever any more.



I’ve not been on twitter today, but if she’s getting stick, she deserves it.

After thirty years of triangulation and neoliberal consensus driving down electoral turnout and engagement, no one, let alone a snarky political journalist, is justified in taking potshots at other people becoming engaged in politics.