Brexit Thread IV - Negotiations begin (and we're all screwed)


Pretty sure she doesn’t give a monkey’s about anyone’s stick.


but i don’t think she’s any different to katie hopkins really - just someone desperate to provoke the ire of others so she can get more publicity. i’m all for her being derided but it’s basically falling into her trap


Apart from the whole incitement to hatred thing.


yes. i more mean she’s at her core just craving this sort of thing, that she’s then being given in spades.


I think you’re being Trump-like if you’re trying to find equivalence between Marina Hyde and Katie Hopkins, to be honest.


Ah. I was really rather hoping it was me being dense there. Y’know, rather than the people deciding the future of the nation.

Fucking hell.


marckee responds to a note that the left tend to overreact spectacularly by comparing xylo to President of the United States


Nah. She’s always done the same thing. She just takes the piss out of politics. That’s her thing. Except it wasn’t a problem when she was just taking the piss out of Tories.


Oh God we’re not going to have another one of those exchanges are we? :grimacing:


FFS not aimed at you GEOFF.


edit @colinfilth :wink:


First reply made me howl


Haha! tbf it would’ve been fine if it was!


In all honesty all the replies are pretty good.


Not really. Most of the pops at the Tories have been from a position of being inside the westminster bubble and have hit their mark. Trying the same tactic with people who sit outside it ends up just showing up your unwillingness to engage and understand.


The present leadership of the Labour Party is outside the Westminster bubble now is it?


Find Hyde pretty frustrating. Must admit she’s one of my favourite writers/columnists if she’s actually right about something. Which she is about a lot of social issues, football, some of the broader Brexit stuff, etc

But then that’s increasingly rare, and her position on Labour/Corbyn leads to the embarrassing shite like she’s coming out with today. Don’t expect any better of right-sided commentariat tbh, but someone like her could really do with a bit more self awareness in terms of her privilege too.


I also don’t see what the significance of the “Westminster bubble” dividing line is. A crackpot political opinion is the same whether its inside or outside any bubble.


Don’t let Andy Burnham hear you say that


I’d say that they are, compared to the cosy circles and relationships that have existed and do still exist between the lobby journalists, lobbyists and politicians from the right of the Labour party through to the right of the Conservative party.