Brexit Thread IV - Negotiations begin (and we're all screwed)


Remind me who Corbyn’s Director of Comms and Strategy is again?


If she knows what she’s talking about, within her world, it’s sharp. If she’s writing from a position of ignorance and privilege, which she frequently does when writing about anything regarding the Labour party membership, it’s lazy.


wait…geoff is a tory?


Someone who was never a lobby journalist? Milne has never been part of the cosy club that exists between westminster reporters and MPs.


Josef Seumas? Everybody except Owen Jones has disowned him mate.


seamus did nothing wrong


But anyway, yeah. She’s done her job, online and on here. She’s turned the Brexit fuck up into a squabble between those who back the Labour party leadership/members and those who back the PLP.

Well done, I guess?


Except she really hasn’t has she? She’s just got people on Twitter worked up, which is why people go on Twitter.

In the meantime the whole Brexit mess is going on completely independently.


i really enjoy twitter pile ons (the good kind). i follow the “ratio bot” so i know when someone is getting wreckt. mccain got wreckt the other day.


She’s done her job, online and on here


Fair point but has Marina Hyde? She started off as a showbiz journalist. Dunno whether either of them have had lobby passes.

Anyway as far as I’m concerned Marina Hyde’s always been a snarky posho writing about politics (and sport and celebs). She’s hardly especially insightful but she can be incredibly funny. That’s about it. Think people bestow more power upon her than she actually has.


Genuine question here: Is MH a lobby journalist? I would always have assumed not.


She started at the Guardian as the Diary column.


Is that a lobby job?


Yes. Or at least, it was, back in the early-mid 00s when it couldn’t be done remotely as easily.


Nah that’s you who’s just done that.


wait… are you Marina Hyde but with shit gags?


Ooft, Geoff’s lunged in two footed there Clive. All of the ball and a lot of the man


Ha what and bringing up the whole me being a Tory thing wasn’t?


So obviously I went hunting for lobby journalists (Hyde is not currently one). But Andrew Neil’s one busy old hack!