Brexit Thread IV - Negotiations begin (and we're all screwed)



i’m…uh…i’m completely at a loss here. i was like “wait…geoff is a tory?” because i was expressing surprise at a post (i now see i misread) upthread where it seemed to be implying you were a tory. i was surprised because you seem quite left wing from what i’ve seen. um…sorry?



So The Canary and Novara still haven’t got lobby passes then. Pretty sure I’m right in thinking they both applied for them but got rejected (The Canary certainly did). Pretty ridiculous really. I’m not sure of the process for them being granted is but basically if Guido gets a load and they don’t then that makes the whole thing a total sham.


Despite what he likes to claim, Guido (and his little helpers) is 100% part of the establishment.


Ah sorry - it’s been a pretty common gag on here to take the piss out of me for being a Tory over the last few years (I’m a Labour party member and have been for… 7 years now I think) as a dig. I thought you were doing the same so responded in kind but if you weren’t then that’s cool, I know you’ve not been around as long as others. You’re just incorrect instead!


Probably involves having to download a shedload of porn and promising to be nice to Teresa.


fair. i will take this :+1::fist::rose:


Oh he’s a full on campaigning arm of the Tory party. Sure he deals in gossip on both sides but we all know what his aims are and he’s very cosy with Tory MPs.

Of course The Establishment is a bit of a nebulous concept and open to interpretation. But whatever it is, Harry Cole is absolutely 100% part of it.


Sobering BBC interview with Joachim Lang, head of Federation of German Industries.



Yeah she definitely can write and has a way with snark like no one else, but it just feels like she’s been moving further away from her old positions lately. And people change and evolve, fine, but just didn’t expect some of these views from her.


It’s alright everyone border issue is solved


Yeah this is the line of the hardcore Brexit lot. “It’s all Ireland’s fault”.


The other notable change now is that reading the news each morning has gone from “ahaha Jesus Christ” to “our country is now right on the edge of a full mud-farming transition fucking hell no no no”


That whole ‘ISIS plot to kill Theresa May!’ news was conveniently timed with this going on and the news that the authorities might have screwed up in not stopping the Manchester bomber huh


If ISIS relly wanted to fuck the UK they’d leave Teresa May where she is.


yeah, that’ll show them. a truly hard brexit with no borders between britain and ireland! even better… with no borders between britain and any of the european countries!




Yeah if this happens might set up a migrant network to get asylum seekers through Ireland and fly them all into England from Belfast International. Hundreds of thousands of them. Jolly good.


this actually explains a lot about this country