Brexit Thread IV - Negotiations begin (and we're all screwed)


Yeah, this


Yes. Although we should probably ‘balance’ this ourselves knowing that the BBC has an impossible job and generally does adequately in the circumstances.


Apparently he had also previously mentioned that the PM had read them, but I can’t find a quote for this. I’d love to see it thrown in Theresa May’s face if it exists though…


if i’m reading these tweets right atm, apparently may just said no, they don’t have any brexit impact assessments because they’ve already released brexit impact assessments, but at the time they weren’t called brexit impact assessments.

she turned into a corncob.


I find it crazy that this should be proper downfall stuff, but the Tories will inevitably just ignore it all and carry on regardless. These fucking reports have been used to justify all sorts of stuff directly and indirectly, including reassuring UK businesses that they won’t be entirely stuffed. Could we see the £ utterly crumble later today?


It’s alright… it’s ok, it’s fine.

Peter Bone’s just offered to go along and help ‘sort out’ the EU negotiations.

It’s all going to be ok.


it’s like a really passive aggressive, quintessentially english version of what’s happening with trump and his weekly fuck ups.


Isn’t his thing just waffling until time runs out? It’d almost be worth a no deal Brexit just to see him manage that for 15 months.


It’s either him or Bill Cash. I get these dinosaur Europhobes all mixed up.


how the fuck is all this happening ?

It’s like one long racist episode of Fawlty Towers where the initial lie has to be backed up and doubled down on so many times that the entire nation implodes

it’s fucking terrifying imagining this lot will forcibly hard-brexit the UK & then set about implement those new arrangements

fucking terrifying


Now you see why nobody was ever stupid enough to suggest a referendum on capital punishment, we’d have probably been stringing up shoplifters before too long.


People voting yes for Sharia punishments on anyone trying to implement sharia law.


Exactly. Same fucking reason we didn’t hold a referendum on whether or not we should keep sterilising homosexuals. Hope history remembers Cameron as a particularly moronic PM rather than just the generic evil Tory he otherwise was.


Would’ve been so easy to rig as well. Chuck in a minimum turnout clause, overall majority or a soft/hard brexit option and this Wouldn’t be happening


I definitely think he’ll be looked on very unfavourably. Him and Osborne.

Plus, he fucked a pig.


looking back now it is absolutely ridiculous that the referendum didn’t include multiple options

hard brexit
soft brexit
soft remain (keep everything the same)
hard remain (join the Euro)


What about the Red White & Blue Brexit? I thought that’s what we were getting and yet I don’t see it on your list.


worst thing is that he probably looks back and goes “aah well it didn’t all go to plan but being PM for 6 years was a jolly good laugh” rather than going “oh wow i’ve really fucked things for… pretty much everyone”

i hope all his friends like cheese-maker bellend from Blur give him a hard time about it constantly


He’s almost certainly perfectly happy and insulated from the effects of Brexit in his £25k shed.


it’s almost like i didn’t think this referendum thing through!