Brexit Thread IV - Negotiations begin (and we're all screwed)


Boris is doing it because he wants to be king.
Moggy’s doing it because it makes him feel like a big man.
IDS is doing it because the voices in his head told him to.


Not to tempt fate or ought but I genuinely don’t see how you can do a hard brexit at this point without either reunification or a hard border? Customs waiver Croatia/Bosnia & Herzegovina style maybe?


This is the inherent contradiction in what May and Davis keep saying.

Despite the EU steadfastly saying there’s no way we can leave the single market to “control our borders” and still have full access to it, they’re still pretending that we can, and we’ll also be able to police it using Amazon Drones or something.


So he’s not in contempt because he couldn’t have issued the impact assessments, because he misled parliament into thinking that they existed.

So much for increased accountability and sovereignty…


Does anyone know the partisan makeup of the committee offhand? I can look it up later if not


The next tweet in that thread suggests it split on party lines.


should we have a new catch-all thread to replace this brexit thread and also the politics thread?

there’s probably plenty of DiSers who haven’t looked in either thread for months because they’re now so big so could bring a few more people in which might be interesting?

  • new thread for brexit + politics in general
  • keep the two current threads going

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May I suggest

  • keep the two threads for now & open a bumper ‘Politics 2K18’ thread Jan 1st
  • shut up m6, you don’t even live here

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other than starting an actual war, is there any way that brexit could be going worse?

i really don’t think there is

when i was watching channel 4 news earlier, with jon snow interviewing theresa villiers i was just laughing at the absurdity of it all when i really should be absolutely shaking in both fear and rage

i mean, when asked what the fuck was going on at the start of the interview her response was basically “blah blah blah… but we’ve been working really hard!”


i think you’re right, one new thread from 1st Jan :muscle:


This is an interesting piece of NI and reunification


Awful lot of ‘dead cat’ front pages from the press this week to distract from this mess - terrorist plot to kill Theresa May, terrorist plot to kill Prince George, the Defence Secretary doing some ‘kill UK jihadis!’ rabble-rousing.


Given everything that’s happened in the past few days, you’d have thought that the Mail’s front page would have mentioned Brexit at some point this week…


I wonder how that plays with their Brexiteer readership ? Surely even to them it looks like conspicuous avoidance


Was thinking last night about this one time I had a health check at work (eyesight, hearing, we get a drugs test too usually) and the health worker was telling about this one time he had an employee at another company test positive for Methadone but the guy just denied any knowlege completely blase

Tester: You’ve tested positive for metahdone
Worker: Really? that’s weird, dunno how that got there
Tester: No, you don’t understand. Methadone isn’t something you accidentally take, this is serious.
Worker: Yeah I know, beats me how it got in there.
Tester: I cannot state this enough. It’s not like you can go to a party where someone else is taking it and accidentally get some in the punch. You have to go to a pharmacy and go into a room where they lock the door and an employee watches you take it, there’s no other way to get a hold of it.
Worker: I hear you big man, it’s a total mystery to me…

Etc, etc.

Anyway, this reminded me of the current Tory government. They continue to fuck up on a monumental scale and yet just seem to shrug their shoulders and carry on - “You lied to parliament about studying the financial impact of hard brexit” shrug “Your actions have led to a woman’s jail sentence being doubled in a foreign country” doesn’t matter “Your response to an ally retweeting Britain’s First is extemely weak” meh, what can you do? “You’re in bed with the DUP and all the stand for” Jeremy Corbyn tho

Anyway, TL;DR. Infuriating stuff. Fuck the Tories.


People only resign from office if the press make them the story.

If you look at the resignations between 1997 and 2010 very few of them would be seen as a resigning matter now as the government and the press have realised that they have to keep a lid on them because the alternative is a Corbyn-led government.


they’ve been going hard on this ocean plastic thing, which i’m actually supportive of tbh. it can’t hurt to raise awareness of impending ecological meltdown i guess. now imagine if it turned out boris johnson was a lexit infiltrator - they’d probably announce they were giving away all their profits for 2017 to make a new ice cap. let’s hope this happens.


Yeah. This just makes it even more ridiculous really doesn’t it? Like even if the press are all over it, just keep your head down and ride it out for a week and you’ll be fine. Someone else’s turn to get roasted in a few days time.

Amazed Priti Patel actually got the sack now that I think of it.


See, I don’t think people are really being roasted.

Imagine if another foreign secretary between 1997 and 2010 had done what Boris did - it would dominate the news for the full 9-day cycle until they resigned.

This went on for maybe three days in the press, before it disappeared.

Part of that is the quicker news cycles and social media, but it’s mainly a deliberate effort to keep a lid on things.