Brexit Thread IV - Negotiations begin (and we're all screwed)


I could not agree with this more. All of the above. Think someone summed up pretty well on here not so long ago (can’t remember who) - remember when Gordan Brown called that woman a bigot and there was a real national outrage? And she was an actual bigot!

I used ‘roasted’ in the loosest possible sense.


ocean plastic is just a detail in the overall picture though really

but we digress


i know bro, i was just trying to bring levity to the situation, you all seemed down. they used to parachute me into helmand to tell knock knock jokes to the troops.

support the troops :uk:


nono. they are, genuinely, that consumed by their own arrogance to the point that they assume that no news about brexit means things are going fine.


Genuinely intrigued by this one.


speaking of which


So hard, she never bothered replying to my letter just after the election. Not even an acknowledgement.


Greggs wrapper falling down her blouse?


“a blue hat”




Tucking her skirt into her knickers?


Such a bizarre thing to say from Hammond. The uncomfortable truth that nobody likes alluding to is that Britain’s low productivity and low unemployment are linked, but it’s nothing to do with the productivity of individual workers and everything to do with shit unproductive companies that, under the perfect economy that Tories like to believe exists, would be competed out of the market, leaving all their employees free to go out into the market and sell their ruddy skills to the go-getters.


Her bra opened a portal to an Eldritch universe filled with unspeakable horrors.


there is that, but there is also this

Hammond is basically just trying to crack another whip on the back of the working poor


Put her Grand Ribbon of the Order of Merit on the wrong side?


Whose productivity graph is that? It’s not the UK’s.


Her scales fell out


it’s US but it also shows another general trend of neoliberalism’s scrubbing out of economic market truths and replacing them with 1%er logic

the relationships between growth, productivity, wages, employment (and inflation, cost of living, number in poverty etc) have been slowly diverging from the classical model since the late 70s but have been blown to pieces since the last crash & the austerity/class politics that followed

low unemployment should mean high employment and thus high productivity & high wages in a supply-demand economy with jobs a plenty etc. but the metrics are fucked


No this doesn’t follow. High employment can only lead to higher productivity if output grows too. So your “jobs aplenty” get out has to have the rider that there are jobs aplenty with the potential for high output.

And then we complete the circle and end up back where we started, namely that we have a stagnant economy, where artificially high employment is traded off against low productivity.