Brexit Thread IV - Negotiations begin (and we're all screwed)


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I wasn’t a Lexiter by any means because I don’t believe in borders in the first place but I find it hard to identify the EU as anything other than dogmatically neoliberal. Fuck Kant and the horse he rode in on.


have noticed this weird division between remainers similar to the one between democrat voters in the US post-trump. like if you’re not 100% a fan of hillary/the EU you kind of get savaged relentlessly, as if it’s not possible to have reservations about the EU while also thinking we’re probably best remaining.

*not saying this is BITT by any means, he’s a GBOL and has very good takes.


I completely get why though, some of my closest friends are facing deportation at the moment and compared to our current political climate the Kantian house that doesn’t exist seems like fucking utopia.


Yeah this, the EU has a massive way to go but having lived in Paris & Stockholm I genuinely feel European & feel I have actually found sanctuary away from both the toxic empire jingoism brainwashing of the UK & the utterly fucked class system too

That suddenly, out of the blue & on the back of the worst kind of class politics (crash x austerity x scapegoating) I and countless others have their lives & plans & opportunities & futures crammed back in a red white & blue box, nailed down with ignorance & bitterness and phony nostalgia because a load of baby boomers want some kind of parade or last hurrah over Britain’s superiority …

I mean, for fuck’s sake


i hope boomers live long enough to be eaten by the feral hordes


I still hope Scotland can pull the rug from under all of this. Or at least escape from it. Not sure how. Not sure if it would be without some unwanted side effects. But I really wanna see Westminster crumble, the ruddy gruddy Empire #punchaboveourweight #seatatthetoptable mindset get further diminished to the point of international farce, and the Britain=England assumption get #takendownapegortwo.




Later dropped, fortunately:


deleted because silly


good choice.


Billionaire Arlene Foster in border u-turn

Is that this morning’s headline? Can’t work it out



there’s surely some mutually exclusive shit here right?




“EU citizens in the UK and UK citizens in the rest of the EU have the right to stay. Rights of their children and those of partners in existing “durable relationships” are also guaranteed.”

But they wont have equal rights or indeed any freedom of movement to come and go. And ‘durable relationships’ …so kids are at risk of deportation in a divorce case ? That is horrifying


Quite an elaborate metaphor for EU/UK relations, but I’ll take it

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A massive fudge obviously, but this does at least seem to take hard Brexit off the table for the time being. Also probably marginalizes Gove, BJ, JRM et al - could TM be thinking of shaking up the cabinet having slightly secured her position and binning off BJ and maybe even Davis?

Talks of transition period would take this right up to the next general election too - just saying…